EDEKA Supermarket accused of fat-shaming after doing this

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In 2016, Gold’s Gym franchise received severe backlash because of fat shaming after one of its franchises in Cairo Egypt sent out an ad that said that “This is no shape for a girl” next to a pear which is usually bottom heavy.

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Following the backlash, the gym sent out this apology on their Facebook page  “Our apology, this post was not meant to offend anyone, and not against god’s creation, or any type of women’s body, it was meant to refer to a Healthy Fit body and cutting fats, NOT THE ACTUAL STRUCTURE OF THE BODY."

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But it seemed that fat-shaming with the brand was omnipresent as other ads show just how bad this company was with advertising by using shame and out-right bullying to get people to part with their pennies.

play Another of Gold’s Gym ads (Courtesy)

Now, a new campaign called 'Eatkarus’ which encourages healthy-eating by the largest German supermarket corporation Edeka's is going viral for all the wrong reasons. This is due the fact people consider this ad fat-shamey.

The opening scene of the ad is a severely obese dog waddling its way through a snowy street, being tagged along by its overweight owner and the next scene is a street full of overweight people with one of them eating some grey gunk which represents unhealthy food.

The next scene is a boy called Eatkarus and his family eating the said grey gunk during dinner.

play Eatkarus eating the gunk (You Tube)

So as they eat, a bird flies near the house and the boy looks at it dreaming of flying like the bird. So when he sees some balloons floating by he tries to hitch a ride but his weight makes him hit the ground.

Nevertheless, his Icarus dreams are not broken as he constructs a pair of wings and tries to fly again but runs out of breath and falls.

play Eatkarus bites the snow (Courtesy)


He then sees the bird eating some berries and realizes that the healthy berries are why the bird is hale and hearty so he starts eating the berries instead of the gunk and grows slimmer. And now that he is light-weight, he flies away and happily eats berries in a lush green land.

play 'Eat like the one you want to be’ (You Tube)


Their tagline ‘Iss wie der,der du sein willst.’ which translates to ‘eat like the one you want to be’ greatly angered people who felt it was fat-shame-y. Some claimed that the advert discriminated against overweight people with others going to the extent of saying that Edeka would soon discriminate against disabled people.

However not everyone is accusing the ad of being a shaming ad as others are happy that a brand has finally stood up against Obesity which is becoming a huge problem among first-world countries.


In a statement, Edeka tried to shake off the fat-shaming accusations and said that they just wanted to encourage healthy nutrition by showing the advantages of a healthy diet over a poor one.

“With a certain exaggeration, we wanted to shake off the daily routine of fast food and the movie’s unidentified grey mash, regardless of the size of an individual.

We are aware that some people suffer from obesity because of illness, which cannot be solved with a simple diet change.” Read part of the statement.