Festive hideout 8 awesome camping sites in Kenya you can disappear to this festive season

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Camping is great way to get in touch with nature without robbing a bank or selling a kidney, its simplicity and beauty is unparalleled

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The festive is here again, just a few weeks away before the full and celebrations begins.

Kenya is a beautiful country blessed with beautiful scenes and people and there is no better time to explore Kenya's heritage  than this festive season while catching up with friends and family, finishing that captivating novel and basically living life letting loose and making memorable memories

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Camping is great way to relax and get in touch with nature without robbing a bank or selling a kidney especially during festive seasons where prices sky rocket, its simplicity and beauty is unparalleled and the good thing about it, it is also fairly affordable and easy to put up.

Here are 8 awesome camping sites in Kenya you can disappear to this festive season.

#1. Mahali Mzuri

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If the year has been wonderful to you and you even enjoyed a few breakthrough ad this festive season you just want somewhere classy, quiet and boost a bit of luxury to while away as you reflect and plan for 2018 then there is no better place for you than Mahali Mzuri.

At Mahali Mzuri you’ll have a front row seat, not just to the migration, but also to the abundant game you can see all year round.

The 12-tented luxury safari camp is owned by Sir Richard Branson and is situated in the private Olare Motorogi Conservancy in the wider Maasai Mara ecosystem.

#2. Mike’s Camp

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If camping on a mainland this festive season is not your liking then how does camping at your own tropical Island sounds?

Mike’s Camp is located on Kiwayu Island, one of the many unspoilt, idyllic islands of the Lamu Archipelago, on the Kenya Coast.

You are offered your own private island where you are safe and undisturbed. Surrounded by miles of soft white sand, turquoise waters and gorgeous coral gardens, it offers one of the only beaches in Kenya on which you can walk for miles without seeing a single soul.

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While here, you can be as relaxed or active as you like, be your own Boss seem to be mantra here.

Mike’s Camp offers tranquillity, water sports, safaris and fishing in a uniquely homely environment, without any pretensions you can listen to the birds, swim with the fishes and marvel at the beauty of nature… or play your music as loud as your want!

#3. Camp Ya Kanzi

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Heading down to the Kenyan Coast to enjoy the sun, sand and sea is the tradition for most Kenyans during festive holidays.

While the bewitching beauty of Mombasa and all the fun things people can indulge in at the Coast is to die for, the downside of this trend is that one has to put with overcrowding, noise and human traffic, things someone is desperately trying to escape and leave it all behind.

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However if you still want to go to Coast and maybe head down the beach once things cool down a bit, Camp Ya Kanzi is the perfect hideout for you.

Situated at the foot of the legendary Chyulu Hills, deep in the Maasai territory, Camp Ya Kanzi is an award winning camping site that offers an incomparable combination of 5-star luxury, first class wilderness adventure, amazing wildlife, and authentic immersion in Maasai culture.

#4. Rapids Camp, Sagana

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If you love water sports such as kayaking, water rafting and canoeing in Tana River then this is the ultimate place for you and your crew.

Located right at the banks of the River Sagana, Rapids Camp is a camping site well-known for its adventurous outdoor activities.

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The riverside campsite is a perfect place to pitch a camping tent, relax and  ponder how the year was while surrounded by a magnificent landscape.

Camp Sagana was voted, “Camp of the Year 2008,” by the International Canoeing Federation.

#5. Kichakani Place

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Located 156 km from Nairobi, Kichakani is the ideal hide out for a busy hustler who while wishing to recharge their batteries unperturbed away from the bustle and hustle of the City they still can't leave the city all together because they are working during the festive season or simply want to enjoy the City to themselves once everybody leaves for upcountry and Coast.

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While in this picturesque place located inside Samawati conservancy,  there are lots of calming activities one can indulge in like Bird watching and gazing at hippos lazily swimming at nearby Ol-bolossat lake.

At night the real magic happens and be sure to be slowly drifted to sleep stargazing at the beautiful stars surrounded by the calming crocking of frogs at the shore of Thompson falls.

#6. Wildebeest Eco Camp

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So your boss scheduled you to work over the Festive season, Argh! gave you one or two days off in the middle of the festival so you can't really travel out of Nairobi.

I feel you but what can you do and you still have to pay the bills not to mentioned 'Njaanuary'  will be awaiting you come new year.

Don't worry though you can still have fun in the City  and even save a couple of diems you would otherwise have blown away had you gone upcountry or down at the Coast.

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Located in Lang’ata, just next to Mamba Village,  Wildebeest Eco Camp is an eclectic camping site where you can find all sorts of camping facilities, from low budget tents to high luxury tents with electricity and flushable toilets.

It is the ideal place for a quick ‘one night’ getaway for the city folk who just want to let loose for a night before heading back to the grind.

#7. Olorgesailie

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You love the history channel, ancient history excites you to no ends and this festive season you want to get in touch with your roots then come to Olergesailie.

Only an hour from Nairobi, Oloolua Nature Trail in Olorgesailie provides a wonderful opportunity for the history buffs to view the ancient remains of early man.

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The area is an ancient excavation site that has a beautiful waterfall, wonderful surroundings and a more than interesting nature walk.

In line with the early man simple ways, the camping facilities are simple but unique. You have tents, a barbecue area, pit latrines, and a washing area.

#8. Camp Malta

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Despite all the craziness and wild activities planned for the festive Holidays largely because of the commercialisation of the Christmas and New year festivities, in its essence Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus and in extent  the salvation of mankind from the clutches of evil and death.

Therefore For those looking for a wholesomely Christian camping experience, Camp Malta in Thika town presents the best choice for you.

Located less than an hour from Nairobi, this is a simple tented campsite that provides the best opportunity for Christian folk to interact and enjoy themselves in a serene and peaceful atmosphere while still keeping in touch with their spiritual being.

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