Lifestyle 3 things you should never share on social media

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While over-sharing has become a problem, consumers could stop it by being careful what they post on social media.

With the world being in a digital and social media age so is the world at risk of keeping people's privacy.

Things you should never share on social media. play

Things you should never share on social media.


Many social media users, teenagers especially, may be unaware that the information they share could be used for identity theft and fraud.

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According to Pew Research Center, about 92% of teenagers post their real name, 82% list their date of birth and 71% show their city or town of residence on their social profiles. Yes! how secure are you on social media.

Here are three kinds of information to never share on social media.

1. Driver’s License Details


Some users may be tempted to post their first driver’s license on social media to boast about their accomplishment or laugh at a silly photo. However, a valid ID card, such as a driver’s license, will contain your date of birth, picture and other personal identifiable information that thieves could copy. Access to this information could allow identity thieves to open new lines of credit, committing fraud


2. Vacation Itinerary & Location Data

While you are excited to share pictures about your fun vacation to exotic locations, do not share information about your getaway beforehand on social media, such as how long you will be gone and where you are going.

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Not only do potential thieves know that you will be out of your home for that period of time, they could take advantage of your absence and burglarize your property. If you also use geotagging for your posts to show your location or list the city where you live, thieves could use this information to target your home.


3. Bank Account Information

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Posting any kind of financial information in a public space could get frauded. Although some people might use social media to post about their first paycheck from a new job in their excitement, they should not display images of their paycheck because it contains bank account information.

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