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He dishes out about his faux locks too.

Kagwe Mungai has collaborated with various artists such as Fena Gitu, Khaligraph and King Kaka. play Kagwe Mungai has collaborated with various artists such as Fena Gitu, Khaligraph and King Kaka. (PLive)

Yesterday afternoon the very delectable, very sexy producer Kagwe Mungai popped up at our office. Such a great sport he is. Other  than being really great company, he let us in on who Kagwe the guy really is.

Walk me through a day with Kagwe

It’s different every day. Some days we’re doing interviews others we go for shoots. Of course I also have to eat. I need my food. (Laughs)

LOL. So what’s your favorite dish?

I’m not that picky actually, but give me chicken and chapo and I’ll be good to go.

What’s your favorite recipe for chicken?

I like bread crumb chicken. I have a specific way of making it but I’m not sharing that recipe.  Haha it’s my thing, if you want chicken then you better hang out with Kagwe.

You’re a pretty informed person, how do you get learn? What’s your source of information?

I’m a pretty visual and sonic person. I love to read, but I do it very slowly. I however enjoy listening to audio books or watching things where I can pick the information with my eyes and ears.

Your favorite book?

Tuesday with Morrie by Mitch Albom. It was part of Oprah’s must read books of 2014. I like it because it captures life in a way that I had never thought of before.

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve ever met?

I once met a guy with only one name. I kid you not, his national identity card had just one name, you know, like Madonna, Adele or Eminem just no surname or middle name. He’s mom gave him just one name and I thought that it was pretty cool.

So faux locks…

I like to experiment with everything, at some point I had blonde hair, another time it was relaxed, I’ve had cornrows, an afro, I’ve gone bald and then I did the faux locks. Now I’m just here.

We weren’t ready for you with that hairstyle, were you ready for the reactions from your fans?

Of course I expected that it was going to be shocking. But I never really do it for anyone else, it was for myself. A lot of things were said, like I used to have a crush on you but now I don’t, and then the same thing happened when I cut them. There’s always someone with an opinion out there and that’s fine with me. I don’t mind at all.

Then why dreads?

Funny you’d ask that, I’m not really sure what’s going on but I like how my hair looks and I’m going with it.

We’re curious, what does fashion mean to you?

I think that fashion is style and style is timeless.

So what’s your style?

It’s evolving and because I’m evolving as a person it’s also changing with time. For example there was a time I was really into scarfs but I don’t wear them anymore, there was also a time when I was into suits, I still do but not so much. I guess we can say that right now I’m going with anything that’s comfortable and cool.

Catch you dead wearing…

A durag. In 207, there’s a problem if you’re still wearing a durag.

You’ve got very interesting outfits for your hoots. Where do you shop?

I really like Toi Market in Kibera. I have a guy there who has really cool stuff. Also if I’m travelling then I go for things like shopping at Asos or Zara.

Any Kenyan brands?

Sighs* I don’t want to throw shade at the OG’s like Kikoromeo. I love their stuff but right now I’m in search of something new. The criteria is really simple, just comfortable and cool (laughs).

What’s your favorite accessory?

I never leave home without a watch. I’ve actually started collecting them. So far I’ve got 6 watches, 3 Fossil selects, I lost a Rolex but I’ve a few other. I must say however, I’m not that big on brands. For me, a watch should feel good, look good and obviously work.

play Behold, Kagwe Mungai's classy watch. (PLive)


Far enough, what about your ideal woman? What kind of outfits are you into?

Generally, whatever works for her shape and size and whatever else but I really like sundresses. I die for those. Especially the way it’s hot right now, if you’re in a sundress, I may be looking your way.

Tell us about your biggest paradigm shift?

There was someone who I used to really look up to but when I finished high school and told him that I wanted to pursue music I was told that I could never make it as a musician. That was difficult to hear but it really drove me to work super hard and prove this person wrong. For me it probably impacted how I tackle my things. I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot more other people support my cause but you know if you’re put down by someone important then it becomes hard.

How are you feeling about that now?

I’m great actually. I believe that it was one of the best things that ever happen to me. I can tell you that the person in question was surprised but I’m happy for what it’s done.

So what’s next with Kagwe?

World domination. You’ll be hearing me everywhere. You’re favourite people will be talking about it.

What’s your greatest fear?

To not live to my full potential. I think that we’ve been give life to live and the possibilities are endless. It would be so sad to die wondering if you could have done something. Like backflips, I don’t want to go to my grave and wish that at least once in my life I did them.

Have you ever done backflips Kagwe?

I’ve never been interested in doing back flips. (Laughs) Does a backflip in a swimming pool count?

Probably, so swimming is your hobbie?

I do love to swim but I love to box as well. I’ve been boxing for a while. I started as a teenager then I stopped. Now I do it as exercise and for fun.

play Kagwe Mungai chilling at our office yesterday. (PLive)


Would you call yourself a fighter?

I would call myself a lover.

Clarify a misconception about you.

A lot of people think that I’m rude, until they meet me I guess. Apparently I have resting B#@*ch face but I’m really not. There are people I’ve met who go like, “I thought you’re an asshole.” I really am not.

Here’s a random one, what you did have for lunch?

I didn’t haven’t had lunch yet but I had late breakfast and that was steak omelet.

When is your next performance?

Tomorrow at Privee Club, Westlands. We'll be celebrating Industry Night's 3rd anniversary, see you guys there.

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