Food and drinks 5 foods that give you bad breath and 5 that don’t

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Your dragon breath may have nothing to do with your oral hygiene but more to do with your diet

You know how annoying the smell of onions can be when it lingers on your fingers for what feels like an eternity after chopping them.

No matter how hard you scrub your hands or apply the strongest scented lotion on yourself that smell just never seems to go away.

Now imagine having that lingering smell when it comes to your breath – not good.

Foods such as onions can leave you keeping your mouth shut for the better part of the day because you are afraid of “knocking out “the people you are talking to with your dragon breath.

We are not saying that you should completely stop taking these foods because you’re scared of getting bad breath but it is good to know them so that the next time you go on a date, you are not left at the table wondering why your date’s bathroom break has taken so long.


Garlic contains sulfur compounds that have a very strong smell that tends to linger for a long period of time.

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On top of that it is also absorbed into your blood stream which basically creates a pathway for odor to make its way out through your mouth.


Onions also contain sulfuric compounds just like garlic which tends to linger for a long period of time.

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Try maximize on flossing and brushing your teeth at least twice in a day to help with the strong odor.

Caffeinated and alcoholic drinks

Coffee and alcoholic drinks can cause someone to have a dry mouth which in turn causes bad breath.

The bacteria due to dry mouth then allows bacteria to survive since there is no saliva washing it away.

Drink water to help with the dry mouth.


Naturally occurring bacteria on your tongue feeds on amino acids in milk thus leading to bad mouth odor

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Tuna is highly nutritious thanks to its high levels of protein – not so great with the stench it leaves in your mouth after eating it though.

Try squeezing lemon over your tuna or any fish for that matter to help reduce the odor before you eat it.

Foods that don't give you bad breathe

Apples, celery and carrots

These foods kind of act as some form of toothbrush for your teeth as they help strip away foods that has gotten stuck in your teeth.

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Remember how we mentioned that dry mouth can cause bacteria to survive thus causing bad breath?

And remember how we said that water can help with that?

Basically, we had already mentioned that water can help wash away the bad breath causing bacteria in your mouth but no harm in mentioning it again.

Black tea

Black tea helps prevent the growth of bacteria that causes bad breath thanks to the polyphenols or compounds it contains.

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Cherries and lettuce

Cherries and lettuce can help remove the smell of methyl mercaptan which is an odorous gas that is released by mouth bacteria as they digest bits of food.

Probiotic yoghurt

According to a Japanese study, people who take unsweetened yoghurt twice a day had reduced levels of hydrogen sulfide which is a compound that causes bad breath.


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