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It's time to call out and parade the disrespectful viles.

Sexual offender rely on your silence. play Sexual offender rely on your silence. (Courtesy)

“I got into the matatu with my very many bags and put them on my lap so that I leave space for someone else. An elderly man came aboard and sat next to me. I didn’t speak to him, neither did I think much of it. I was on my way home to Kitengela. We had just passed the airport when I felt a hand moving towards my crotch. Looking down, I could see the old man’s fingers reaching for my lady parts while he hid the action by crossing his arms together. I immediately lashed out, I told the whole matatu what he was trying to do. The women watched in silence, the conductor and another man came to his defense but I was not going to be silenced over my rights. Finally alighted as the next stage was mine but not before swearing to expose him if I ever boarded another matatu and met him. I was disgusted, I felt filthy and insulted by what he did and even now the thought of it makes me feel helpless at the level of perversion the society is now embracing. He was old enough to be my grandfather, how many times has he done that before, how many women realized after it was already too late? How many minds has he scarred?..."

This is the story of one our reader's who chose to remain anonymous, narrating the trauma that she faced in the hands of a sexual offender. Just last week news broke about Uhuru Secondary School’s Principal who has been accused of sexually harassing two teachers under his authority and then later sending death threats to keep them silent.

It’s real and it’s a serious problem.

The good news is that sexual offenders are just human beings with problematic behaviors, weaklings in search of superiority with 'fortunately' a lot of things in common. It can happen to anyone. Here’s all you need to know about sexual offenders and how to handle them.

Sexual offences are punishable by law and with very great consequencesSexual offences are punishable by law and with very great consequences.

play Sexual offences are punishable by law and with very great consequences. (Courtesy)


1. They are cowards.

Sexual offences are punishable by law and with very great consequences. Sexual offenders know that and will do whatever it takes to keep you silent. Don’t let him; Instead, go down with a fight however brutal, you might just save yourself and a whole lot of other girls.

2. They depend on your silence

Close to the first point but not quite so. Usually, if a guy gropes you on the street, the worst most women do is throw an insult their way or simply ignore. This entices for more action and what was just a try by groping then grows into a series of rape and molestation. The biggest lie you can ever believe is that they have the power to keep you silent. Sexual offenders depend on that silence to continue doing what they want. Do not be ashamed of what has been done to you. Tell it to the whole wide and fight for your justice, It won’t take back the horror but it will prevent it from happening to someone else.

3. They have no regards for you

This might just be the most important segment in this article. For one to purposely sexually offend, then they’ve thought it over, disregarded your worth and decided that you do not matter enough. This in itself, is a clear warning that your life is in danger, however small the incident is. Be smart about how you handle it lest you get a knife to your side or even worse, die.

4. They are not as strong as you think they are

Everyone has a weakness, even Achilles had a bad heel. Instead of laying frightened silence, poke at his eyes, grab him by the balls or bite of his ear. At least you’ll have evidence that he is the one, no one grows an ear by night.

5. They don’t have it written on their foreheads

You never know who’s going to flip to this dark side of sexuality, that’s why it is important to keep your mind and eyes open at all times. It could be a boss, your brother’s best friend or even a relative.

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