8 things you have fought over with your siblings

Remember fighting over the TV remote?


While you can have so much with them, they’re also a major pain in the ass and you constantly have fights with them. Still, you will forever be grateful for having a friend in your sister or brother, whom can run to when you need advice, money, clothes or even a shoulder to cry on. At the same time, these very siblings can make you pull your hair out. It’s interesting that some of the fights you had during childhood, continue even into adulthood. Remember fighting with your siblings over these things?

1. The TV remote.

If you never went to the kitchen with the remote and tried to block the TV with your hands so that your sibling couldn't change the channel, did you even have a real childhood?

2. Your siblings wearing your clothes without your permission.

I still fight with my sister for taking my clothes without permission. I don’t understand why our siblings feel so entitled to some of our possessions.

3. Going through your stuff.

Ever entered your room to find that someone has ransacked it as they were trying to find God knows what? Sometimes, our siblings can’t seem to mind their business and it’s so annoying. You literally have to lock your bedroom door, for your own sanity.

4. Stealing money.

We have all had an instance where money went missing at home. Of course, a ghost did not enter the house and steal that money. One of your siblings did that and finding out who did that is no cakewalk, although, you always have a suspect.

5. Reporting you to your parents for something you did.

Remember when your elder siblings started dating and you were so quick to run to your parents and tell them how you saw your big sister with a man? Lol. Even now, you will still find some siblings going to tell our parents about things we did.

6. Telling guests about your childhood embarrassing stories.

Sometimes, your siblings will start telling people all the embarrassing things you did as a child. Worse still, unleash childhood photos of you looking all ashy and stuff and show them to guests. While it can be quite funny, I think that’s not cool if they’re doing it without your permission. TBT photos can be quite embarrassing and there’s no need to take it upon yourself to embarrass your sister or brother.

7. The last slice of bread.

Don’t pretend like you didn’t book or fight with your siblings over the last slice of bread.

8. Who did what chores.

There were times we felt like one sibling was being sent a lot more than the other, or being given more work than the other and that led to complaints and fights.


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