"You are too old to be elected as a governor” Oparanya tells Anyang Nyong'o

Kakamega Governor, Wycliffe Oparanya says Kisumu senator Anyang Nyong’o is too old to be elected governor.


“You are too old to be governor”, Anyang Nyong’o has been told.

Kakamega Governor, Wycliffe Oparanya has said the Kisumu Senator, Anyang Nyong’o is too old to be elected as a governor and should drop his bid for governor,

Oparanya Instead urged Nyong’o to focus on Senatorial duties since governorship requires energy of a fit and able ‘younger man’.

“We work till midnight and with Nyong’o’s age, will he really manage the kind of job we do?” the ODM governor said.

Oparanya insisted that the Kisumu senator should listen to him and drop his bid to vie for Kisumu governor post at least considering his stature in the orange party.

“I’m the deputy party leader and he should listen.”

The Kakamega county boss instead drummed up support for Kisumu incumbent governor, Jack Ranguma saying he deserves a second term.

“He is my friend and he has achieved a lot,” Oparanya said.

The 6o year old Oparanya was speaking in Kisumu West at the burial of Environment City director Thomas Sweta.

Oparanya urged Kisumu residents to reelect his age mate, Ranguma (62year) so that he can implement the projects he has started.

“Since the inception of devolution, we spent three and a half years putting structures in place. It is, therefore, necessary that we be reelected to fully deliver service to our people,” Oparanya said.

The deputy ODM boss told off senators who want to unseat governors, accusing them of being self-centered and selfish.

“At least senators found structures in place because we attained independence in 1963. But with devolution, we needed time to have structures,” Oparanya said.

However between the job description of a governor and a president, the office of a president is more taxing, consuming, intensive and sure backbreaking compared to the office of the governor.

Oparanya fully supports Raila Odinga who is 71 years old bid to be the 5th president of Kenya, Anyang Nyong’o and Raila are age mates both are (71year) yet Oparanya sees Raila as fit, able and energetic to endure all night meeting and then in the same breath claims Nyong’o to be too old! Really? It does not add up.

Kisumu County covers a total land area of 2085.9 km and 567 kmcovered by water.

The projected population of the county according to the 2009 Population and Housing census in 2012 was 968,909 persons. By the year 2017, the projected population will be 1,145,747.

Compare that with the size of Kenya, which covers a total land area of 569,140 km (219,750 sq mi) and Water: 11,227 km (4,335 sq mi)

As of Monday, December 5, 2016, the current population of Kenya stood at 47,752,643 based on the latest United Nations estimates.

Who is fooling who?


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