Kenya has one of the strongest and lucrative corporate sector in the continent.

Some of the highly paid CEOs in the continent are in Kenya and laugh all the way to the bank every end of financial year.

Here are top seven highly paid CEOs in Kenya.

#7. Joshua Oigara

Kenya’s largest bank by assets, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) CEO takes home a monthly salary of Sh6.3 million translating to 75.6million ($734,832) annually.

#6. David Ohana

KenolKobil’s managing director must be laughing all the way to the bank

He takes home Sh6.6 million ($64,152) per month.

#5. Jane Karuku

Jane must be one of the best paid women in Kenya's corporate sector.

The managing director of Beer Company, East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL) takes home a whooping Sh7.2 million ($69,984) per month.

#4.Bob Collymore

The telecommunication giant CEO is one of the most popular and highly paid corporate officers in Kenya.

Bob Collymore takes home Sh10.7 million ($104,004) per month, adding up to Sh128.4million ($1.2m)annually.

#3. Keith Gretton

British America Tobacco Kenya, chief executive Keith Gretton is paid an average monthly compensation of Sh. 13.2 million ($128,304) per month.

#2. James Mwangi

Equity Bank CEO is the second best paid company officer in the country.

James Mwangi earned an average monthly income of Sh15.9 million in the year ended December 2015.

James’s monthly salary translates to Sh190.8million ($1,8m) annually.

#1. James Mworia

Centum Investment chief executive James Mworia is the highest paid corporate CEO in Kenya.

His monthly salary is a modest Sh16.9 million or about Sh202million ($2m) a year however the bulk of his salary comes from remuneration he makes through Centum’s generous employee performance bonus scheme.

Mworia’s total pay rose 5.1 per cent to a record Sh375.6 million ($3.6m) in the year ended March according to business daily.