Hungry Kenyans Invade Uganda

Kenyans have been forced to cross the border in order to...

Crafty Kenyans have been forced to cross the border in order to buy essential goods they would otherwise not afford in Kenya.

“We can’t afford essential commodities in Kenya and that is why we have been forced to cross over to Uganda, where the items are affordable,” Margarita Anyango a resident told a local daily.

Prices of maize flour (Unga), milk and Sugar have skyrocketed in Kenya since December last year, forcing many Kenyans to go hungry while the few with means to cross over to Uganda and scramble for the basic goods.

Shops in Busia on the Ugandan side sell a kilo of sugar for Sh80, compared to a shop on the Ugandan side which sells a 2kg sugar at Sh200.

A 2kg packet of maize flour on the Ugandan side is being sold at Sh100, whereas a 2kg packet of maize flour on the Kenyan side retails at Sh160.

A litre of Milk in Uganda sells at an average of 1, 89.16USh which translates to Ksh54, compared to a Litre of Milk currently retailing at around Ksh65.

The cost of living in Uganda is 12.75% lower than in Kenya according to the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide, Numbeo.

As a result Uganda business owners have been during brisk business while Kenyan businesses on the other side suffers.

Over the weekend, President Uhuru instructed the Treasury to come up with policies to tame the escalating food prices.

Treasury CS Henry Rotich is currently working on a supplementary budget and Parliament has been recalled and will debate on it on Tuesday according to State House’s State House spokesperson Manoah Esipisu.


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