Ezekiel Mutua The head of Kenya's Films Classification Board now wants all toy guns banned in the country

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The moral policeman is at it again.

play KFCB Chairperson Ezekiel Mutua

Kenya Films Classification Board Chairperson Ezekiel Mutua and the Council of Imams and Preachers in Kenya (CIPK) have called for the banning of toy guns in the country.

Speaking at the Kenya School of Government on Saturday, Mutua argued that the gadgets pose a danger to children by instilling violence in them.


”Why should a child have a gun? What are we teaching them? Do you want them to become terrorists? We must ban them. A toy gun is not good for our children instead buy for them computers, books or a football so that they become the next Victor Wanyama,”said Dr Mutua.

He also called for the banning of action-packed video games arguing that they socialise children to violence.

”We are socializing children to violence and crime. Parents should guard what their children are watching in the movies. Computer games where people are shot dead and houses torched are not good,” he said.

Dr. Mutua, often referred to as the moral policeman due to his war on what he thinks are declining morals in the country, has always found a way to offend Kenyans rather than appease them.

He recently submitted a bill to Parliament that will ensure content that could potentially erode children’s morals is regulated. This followed numerous indecency complaints from parents and Kenyans alike regarding a TV show popular with the young people.