Kenya unveils its second generation Mobius II car model but will it finally roar to life?

Mobius Motors is receiving pre-orders and will unveil its ‘beast’ built to handle rough terrain to the public soon.

The new model will have power steering, sealed side windows, lockable doors, a higher ground clearance, an improved exterior and interior design, features which were absent in the first model.

“Designed with local road conditions in mind, the new Mobius II combines the core performance of an off-road car to cover long distances on all roads reliably and comfortably,” a letter sent to a prospective buyer read in part.

Prospective buyers are required to make reservations deposit of Sh50,000 ($500), this amount is however refundable should one change their mind about buying the car.

Mobius II target customers include small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in agribusiness and infrastructure.

Majority of roads in rural and peri-urban areas of sub-Saharan Africa are degraded and riddled with potholes making transportation difficult and ultimately restricting mobility.

Mobius II hopes to solve this problem through its key two features. It has the functionality and durability of an off-road car, fit for traveling and carrying goods for long distances on bumpy dirt roads.

Prospective buyers will have to pat away with at least Sh1.3 million ($12,516) including VAT to own one, the price is similar to a seven year old sedan vehicle.

It is however not clear when the first unit of Mobius II will hit the road.

What petrol heads must be wondering however is will Mobius II finally roar to life this time round?

You see the first generation of Mobius II vehicles launched in 2015 going for Sh1.1 million ($10,590) didn’t really spark a lot of interest from Kenyans and less than 100 units were sold.

It would also be really hard for Mobius II to give established international motor brands in Kenya like Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi and even Subaru to mention but just a few a run for their money.

Economists and car enthusiasts agree that Mobius II is more of a patriotic statement from Kenya than a game changer.


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