KEBS clears these 6 brands of rice for human consumption over plastic rice claims

The agency found out six packaged rice brands available locally to be safe for Human consumption.

Gory stories have been told how product unfit for human consumption has found their way on people’s plate.

This was the case in Kenya recently where an online video went viral on social media purporting to demonstrate how a certain company was selling plastic rice unfit for human consumption.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) has now cleared a local rice processor Krish Commodities of selling inorganic rice, after the company’s product passed the set parameters of purity and suitability for consumption.

“We have never come across plastic rice in Kenya, but Kebs is continuously asking people to come forward when they feel short-changed and share samples of suspicious products instead of causing panic,” Kebs managing director Evans Ongwae said.

The agency tested the rice for aflatoxins, and grading, which determines the amount of inorganic matter, broken and immature grains, and moisture content in every consignment and found that they all met the required minimum standards.

Mr. Ongwae assured Kenyans that there was no plastic rice on sale in the country and warned social media users against sharing and forwarding false or deceptive information.

Krish Commodities has also issued a statement denouncing claims that it was selling plastic rice.

“If there are any plastic products people are advised to report and take samples to Kebs for analysis, but no one has come forward so far and it is clear that the video is the work of people who are out to tarnish the brand’s name,” the statement read.

Kebs said in a 17 page report published on Wednesday announced that the six packaged rice brands, Basmati, Vietnam, Biryani, Thai Jasmine, Pishori and All Day, are all safe for human consumption since they met the East African Standard Milled Rice specifications.


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