Fear grips land lords as President orders repossession of all Idle land

Kenya is in the middle of a fierce conflict between pastoralists' and ranch owners in Laikipia.


His catch phrase hapa kazi tu (Its only work on my side) adhered him to Tanzanians who were tired of empty promises even closer While he was campaigning for presidency.

Magufuli has called for the confiscation of all undeveloped farms in the country and ordered that they be reallocated to other citizens.

Speaking on Tuesday in Dar es Salaam, during a meeting at State house with regional commissioners (RCs) the president order

“You should confiscate all undeveloped farms and allocate them to wananchi who will develop them,” the president said.

President Magufuli said it was not fair for a few people to hoard large chunks of land, while majority of Tanzanians having none.

The directive is likely to generate debate and cement his place even more a a fearless leader who is ready to tackle complex and controversial issues.

The land problem is not unique to Tanzania alone, in Kenya for instance a few individuals own huge tracts of land which sit idle year in year out without being used for any meaningful economic activity.

Magufuli however asked the commissioners to adhere to country's laws in while confiscating the undeveloped lands.

The Tanzanian president added that most of conflicts between farmers and pastoralists have been caused by people who have hoarded large chunks of land.

He also directed the RCs to find amicable solutions to land conflicts, especially those pitting farmers and pastoralists, in their respective areas.

While not necessarily the same, Kenya is in the middle of a fierce conflict between pastoralist’s and ranch owners in Laikipia over grazing land.

Pastoralists’ invaded the mostly white owned ranchers beginning last year December in search of pasture and water at the height of biting drought.


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