Locally assembled Mobius II orders some from as far as US hits the roof

Mobius II is expected to hit the road early next year with its most cheapest model retailing at Sh1.3 million, inclusive of tax.

Mobius motors, the brand building the locally assembled vehicle on Wednesday said its next-generation model, the new Mobius II orders had exceeded target, signalling rising appetite for the car.

Mobius said all the 50 first generation units of the vehicle, which prides itself in being Africa’s rugged and cheapest all weather road vehicle, had sold out forcing it to double production to at least 100 units for the Mobius II to meet increased demand.

“This first production run of the new Mobius II with an initial batch of 50 units is already over-subscribed with pre-orders. All 50 units of the first generation were sold last year,”  Mobius Motors commercial director Markus Schroder said.

Dr Schroder said the automaker has not only received local orders but has also received interest from neighbouring countries, Europe and the US.

“Majority of pre-orders are from Kenya, but a number of requests have also come from Germany and the US as well as from Tanzania and Uganda” he said.

Adding that production of Mobius II (next generation) will start with a low three-digit figure.

“We plan to increase production over time and significantly ramp it up as we generate market interest,” he said.

The first Mobius II next generation pre-order was made in August last year after the first generation model sold out.

The second generation of Mobius II comes with power steering, sealed side windows, lockable doors, a higher ground clearance, an improved exterior and interior design, features which were absent in the first model.

Prospective buyers were required to make reservations refundable deposit of Sh50,000 ($500).

The Mobius II generation comes in three models; Cargo, Adventure and Adventure Plus all which have different functionality.

Mobius II is expected to hit the road early next year with its most cheapest model retailing at Sh1.3 million ($($12,516)), inclusive of tax.


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