Meet Khady Thiam Gueye, the woman behind the success of musician Akon’s brand

Singer, songwriter and producer Akon has been seen as one of the famous musicians in the world. His brand is worth $80 million.

Khady Thiam Gueye

Akon has had unique business projects. However, his sister, Khady Thiam Gueye, is said to be one behind the global acknowledgement and success of his successful brand.

She is also the founder of her own consulting firm, TMI Worldwide, which manages Akon's music career.

Khady’s background

Khady started out her career at an early age. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, Public Relations and Advertising from Savannah State University, she worked as an executive assistant for her brother, Akon. She later took over as the project manager of Akon Lighting Africa, where she led the PR strategy to spread awareness about the initiative’s efforts worldwide.

Apart from her role as the project manager, she served as the COO for KonLive and chief brand officer for Bu Vision Entertainment, owned by her other brother, Abou “Bu” Thiam. She also worked with several giant brands where she provides strategic solutions on how to maximise their exposure and profits globally.

Khady later decided to go back to school to finish a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship. Equipped with more knowledge and skills, she opened up her own consulting firm called True Media Independence, or TMI Worldwide.

Khady’s Inspiration

Khady reveals that it has been very challenging breaking out of administrative roles and making executive decisions in a male-dominated business world.

However, her inspirations are from numerous women around the world leading nations or businesses while at the same time managing their families quite well.

She said, “This superpower provides indisputable evidence not just of women’s talents and capability to lead but that my contribution is now widely recognized and welcomed in entertainment arenas and networks.”

Khady’s work with family

Khady has one child, but she has been able to balance between her career and family with the help of her mother and husband. 

She revealed that working with her family is amazing. Her brothers Akon and Bu, who are both entrepreneurs, are some of her most frequent clients. Their closeness has been a factor in their success. She said she also receives advice from her brothers who have respect and much involvement in each other’s businesses.

According to her, they discuss their opinions as well as objections regarding her work to make sure her responsibilities stay right on track.

Future plans

Khady plans to launch within the next three years an online school that would help aspire entrepreneurs and creators through their career and family legacy.

She would also like to see her own makeup brand that celebrates melanin tones while repairing problematic skin grow within the next five years.

Also, she aspires to host her own show, where she could interview fellow entrepreneurs and creators about life and success.


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