The best and the worst Kenya's capital city has on offer for Investors

Nairobi’s attractiveness to multinationals companies boils down to its location and favorable business environment.

According to Infomineo, a global business research company specialising in Africa and the Middle East, Nairobi is the leading destination for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies.

Nairobi’s attractiveness to multinationals, boils down to its location and favorable business environment.

“There are numerous factors which impact on the organisation’s selection of a specific city. They include the local market potential, maturity of the industry, existing competitors, political stability, maturity of industry, business language, quality of the employment market, laws and regulations,” said the report.

In the same breath, Nairobi again was ranked as the most intelligent city in Africa according to an article appearing in the CNN. Nairobi was the only African city to appear on their shortlist of 21 hubs throughout the world for 2015 the Intelligent Community Forum.

"Intelligent communities" are those that have taken "conscious steps" to create an economy that can prosper in the "broadband economy."

It is a fact that Kenya has a very strong private sector which combined with government recent friendly policies which includes formulation of a national trade policy has made Nairobi ‘star’ shine even brighter.

“we have very strong local brands that is one thing we love about this country, the strength of our corporate sector that is able to power our economy and support business like ours and millions of others, that is something we should be very proud of.” Allen Kambuni, Bean Co-founder told Business Insider at a past interview.

The ‘Worst’ City

Things however are not all rosy about Nairobi city and Kenya in general.

Nairobi was recently ranked the second-worst city in the world with the most traffic congestion only after Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) in India.

According to the website based in Serbia, 2017 Traffic Index on average, Nairobians spend 62.44 minutes on traffic while in Kolkata they spend an average of 68.86, Mumbai (60.11), Jarkata (56.98) and Manila ( 56.77minutes)

Corruption is a cancer that has infested and is rapidly devouring the soul of Kenya, Nairobi being the capital city the vice is even more rampant.

Kenya was ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in Africa and on the globe by Transparency International's corruption index 2016.  The report, which gauges perceptions about corruption in 173 countries, ranked Kenya at number 145 down from 139 in 2015 scoring 26 points out of 100.

Pollution, despite the green city status Nairobi aspires to be, it is still one of the dirtiest cities in the world. The stingy infamous Dandora dump site is a ‘gift’ the county government of Nairobi has decided to award Nairobians.

At least five million Kenyans living in major urban centers are directly exposed to toxic emissions, mainly from motor vehicles, industries and kerosene,

Of these, 14,000 Kenyans die annually from pollution-related illnesses such as respiratory ailments, heart diseases, brain damage and cancers according to the Ministry of Environment.


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