In its fourth-quarter report 2018 States and FCT IGR released last week, 32 Nigerian States including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) generated a total of N1.1 trillion in the year.

Within the period, Lagos, Rivers and Sokoto made the highest returns in IGR.

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Business Insider Sub-Saharan Africa by Pulse's analysis of the report shows that if Nigerian states were business ventures, four states made a loss during the trading year of 2018 in IGR collection.

Nigeria's IGR for four States in 2018 vs 2017 (National Bureau Of Statistics)

The states are:

1. Abia state

  • 2017: N14.9 billion
  • 2018: N14.8 billion

2. Benue state

  • 2017: N12.3 billion
  • 2018: N11.2 billion

3. Cross River state

  • 2017: N18.1 billion
  • 2018: N17.5 billion 

4. Osun state

  • 2017: N11.7 billion
  • 2018: N10.3 billion