President Kenyatta burnt a hole in the public purse during 2017 swearing-in ceremony but it wasn't any larger than 2013's

The bulk of the Sh352Million budget, Sh146, 260,260 was spent on security, protocol and logistics.

Taxpayers forked out Sh52 million ($520,000)more than the official budget had estimated (Sh300 million) for the swearing ceremony beamed live, documents tabled in Parliament show.

“The Budget Sub-committee was chaired by the principal secretary, National Treasury. It was responsible for receiving, harmonizing, approving and disbursing budgetary requirements from various sub-committees. The subcommittee was composed of all chairs of subcommittees,” says the report, tabled in Parliament by Leader of Majority Aden Duale.

The Budget Sub-committee tasked with overseeing the swearing in ceremony attended by about 12 heads of State including embattled Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was chaired by the Treasury PS Kamau Thugge.

The bulk of the $3,520,000 budget, Sh146, 260,260 ($1.4m) was spent on security, protocol and logistics.

Uhuru’s 2017 swearing in ceremony cost fell by about Sh22 million ($220,000) compared to the total cost of 2013 swearing in ceremony which cost taxpayers Sh374 million ($3,740,000).

2013 State luncheon which cost Sh10 million ($100,000) however almost increased five holds in 2017, with the government spending Sh46, 053,773 ($460,000).

Entertainment expenses also more than doubled to Sh15M ($150,000) from Sh6.7 million ($67,000) allocated in 2013.

In 2013, the government spent Sh14.6 million on accommodation expenses of the 10 Heads of State who graced the event, with some travelling to their respective countries the same day not notwithstanding.

In 2017, foreign affairs budget shoot to Sh98,927,973 ($989,279).

With an expanded cabinet and raising public debt which has resulted in Kenya’s credit score downgraded from BI to B2 by Moody’s, a global rating agency the revelation will almost certainly not win the government any new fans.


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