• Corvette Heroes is hosting a nationwide raffle of 36 Chevrolet Corvettes one from every production year between 1953 and 1989.
  • Before being restored for the contest, the Corvette collection was hidden in different Manhattan garages for 25 years.
  • Benefits from the giveaway will go to the National Guard Educational Foundation.
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A historic collection of 36 classic Corvettes saved from dilapidation after being hidden underground in a Manhattan garage for decades will soon be given away in a nationwide sweepstakes.

Corvette Heroes is hosting The Lost Corvettes sweepstakes that will be giving away the cars that it touts as the "greatest barn find in automotive history."

The Corvette collection has an unusual backstory: this isn't the first time all 36 of the Corvettes have been given away together. They were originally a part of a 1989 giveaway that landed the cars in the hands of a Long Island man who then passed the cars along to artist Peter Max. Max, however, left the Corvette collection untouched in multiple Manhattan garages for decades before the current team acquired the fleet and decided to host a new giveaway.

The sweepstakes collection includes a Corvette from every production year between 1953 to 1989. This does not include 1983, the one year Chevrolet didn't make a Corvette, although Chris Mazzilli, a Corvette enthusiast and integral player in the giveaway, created his own version of a 1983 Corvette for an episode of History Channel's special series "The Lost Corvettes" which focuses on the restoration of the 36 car collection.

The giveaway will stop accepting admissions on April 30, and the drawing of the winners will take place on or near May 15. Entrants cannot select which car they'd like to win as everyone is automatically entered for all 36 Corvettes. However, people can purchase as many entries as they'd like: a ticket costs $3, five tickets cost $10, and 20 tickets cost $25. The proceeds will go to supporting the National Guard Educational Foundation.

Oregon is exempt from the giveaway due to sweepstakes laws.

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