The 5 great street food experiences to try whenever you are in Lagos state

A trip to Lagos state is incomplete with having suya
  • Lagos is a huge socio-cultural melting pot which means it is a great blend of different cultures. 
  • This mixture is reflected in the people, dressing, lifestyle, food and drinks gathered from various part of the country and the world.
  • We take a look at the various culinary options that the streets of Lagos have to offer.

The streets of Lagos State, Nigeria are filled with amazing, wonderful food. They include:

Originally from northern Nigeria, this delicious finger licking street food favourite has made its way to various parts of West Africa including Lagos state.

This thin-sliced delicacy is sold all over the state by Mai Suya (suya sellers) on street corners. It is sold from early evenings on roadside open grills. Don't forget to ask for the special suya spice, also known as “Yaji.”

Abacha (African Salad) is associated with the Eastern part of Nigeria but it can be found on the streets of Lagos state. It is basically dried shredded cassava mixed with palm oil, dried fish and other things. Learn how to make it here.

Akara is the best thing to eat on those cold mornings or evenings when you are too tired to cook. 

Made from beans, these fried bean cakes can be found all over the streets of Lagos. They can be eaten alone or with pap, yams or potatoes.

They go for N10 or N50 depending on the size.

Roasted plantain, known as boli or bole, can serve as a great filling snack or even as lunch or dinner. It usually accompanied by roasted groundnuts or fish. It goes for as little as N100.

When this is no longer in season, it is replaced with roasted or boiled corn. This roadside staple is often paired with avocados and pears.

Fried yam can be found everywhere. This delicious staple is wrapped in old newspaper. It is sold alone or with sweet potatoes and sprinkled with the forementioned yaji. 


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