61% of millennials said they've delayed buying a house because of student-loan debt, a new study found

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The relationship between student-loan debt and homeownership needs to break up.

Sixty-one percent of millennials said they've delayed buying a house because of their student-loan debt, according to a new survey by personal finance company SoFi . The survey polled more than 1,000 Americans ages 22 to 35.

But that's not the only major life milestone they're delaying because of student-loan debt. Of the survey respondents, 39% said they've delayed moving to another city, and 35% said they've delayed starting a family.

Millennials are facing the Great American Affordability Crisis they're financially behind from the aftermath of the Great Recession and dealing with a higher cost of living than previous generations were; student-loan debt just weighs these problems down even more. The national total student debt is over $1.5 trillion, and the average student-loan debt per graduating student in 2018 who took out loans is $29,800, according to Student Loan Hero .

A 2019 Federal Reserve study found that student-loan debt is linked to more than 20% of the decline in young-adult homeownership between 2005 to 2014, Business Insider's Alex Nicoll previously reported .

The study tracked both an increase in the amount borrowed per student and the numbers of borrowers. The study found there was a 1% to 2% decrease in homeownership rate among borrowers for every $1,000 they owed on average.

Nicoll also cited a report by Zillow , which studied the effect that student loans have on the ability of an average buyer to afford a home. That study found that student loans cut down the number of homes the average buyer could afford by 10%. It doesn't help that housing costs are skyrocketing . Those buying their first home today will pay 39% more than first-time homebuyers did nearly 40 years ago.

The collision of all these factors has created an environment in which millennials are renting longer and buying later .

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