Meet adorable African twins with albinism who have taken the fashion Industry by storm

Albinism is still profoundly misunderstood and People with albinism still face multiple forms of discrimination worldwide.

On 18 December 2014, the General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming that 13th June will be observe as the International Albinism Awareness Day.

Kenya was not left behind and joined the rest of the world in marking the day.

Nominated Member of Parliament Isaac Mwaura who suffers from Albinism told Business Insider that the Albinism society of Kenya whose motto is don’t just stare ASK! Held a successful event.

“We had a very successful event in Embu and we are looking forward with hope as per our theme this year which was  advancing with renewed hope”

Albinism is still profoundly misunderstood, socially and medically and People with albinism still face multiple forms of discrimination worldwide.

The physical appearance of persons with albinism is often the object of erroneous beliefs and myths influenced by superstition, which foster marginalization and social exclusion.

In a bid to celebrate people with Albinism and raise more awareness about the condition, Albinism Society of Kenya organized the first-ever Mr and Miss Albinism pageant last year.

The pageant was part of the campaign dubbed Beauty beyond the skin to redefine how persons living with albinism are viewed in society.

“A lot of good stories have come out from that pageant, one of the participants is now an elite fashion model in Paris, other have been able to get jobs so yes indeed awareness creations mechanisms have had a great positive impact”  Mwaura said.

A pair of Twins with albinism together with their older sister have grabbed international headlines with their beauty and are slowly but surely changing the script in how people with albinism are viewed.

Eleven-year-old twins Lara and Mara Bawar, from São Paulo, Brazil, both have albinism.

The pair, along with their sister Sheila, who does not have the condition and are currently the most sought after  models.

Sisters have posed for the likes of Nike and Bazaar Kids as well as photorgapher Vinicius Terranova as part of his own project called Flores Raras (Rare Flowers).

The trio now quickly gaining traction online and so far have 5,000an Instagram followers and growing.

Despite living in Brazil, the girls' parents are originally from Guine Bissau in West Africa.

The 11-year-old twins dream of becoming international actors and models in future.

'We feel albinism is pretty, we love our hair, eye colour and skin tone. Our hair and skin tone are pretty and we feel very special wearing the make-up, hair and light that are worked to fit us. Lara said as Daily mail reported.

While Mara added: 'Growing up like this was amazing, we love being different and are happy with our unique beauty.'

Their older sister Sheila who is 13 years old wants to be a stylist in future.

"I like studying, designing dresses, acting and modelling. When I grow up I want to be a stylist.

'We love it. We are very expressive and creative. It feels wonderful to put this out there, to communicate with people who identify with our work. We like to see our beauty being valued by its unique aspects.'


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