Andela treated its employees to some Black Panther action in celebration of Africa being portrayed as home of technology

Since premiering on 29th January 2018, Black Panther has won hearts all across the globe, but more especially in sub-Saharan Africa where #WakandaForever is now awash on social media.

Andela , a technology company that helps companies to build high performing engineering teams by investing in Africa's most talented developers on Wednesday decided to treat all its employees across its offices to some free spell bounding two hours and fifteen minutes of Black Panther action at the IMAX theaters located at Garden City Mall.

“This is one of those movies that can help you realize  just what kind of  impact you can have  and I think what we wanted to do as Andela  by saying  you know lets  invest some money, let’s get everyone here to watch Black Panther,  it is not just because we wanted to have a good time, we wanted  our developers to start thinking what  can they be able to do  for themselves, for their country, for their continent and  as Africans what kind of Utopia can their achieve”Andela Kenya Country Director, Joshua Mwaniki clad in a flowing light yellow agbada told Business Insider Sub-Saharan Africa.

Since premiering on 29th January 2018, Black Panther has won hearts all across the globe, but more especially in sub-Saharan Africa where fans continue to throng movie theatres to catch the action and #WakandaForever is now awash on social media.

There are many reasons why the movie is such a hit in Africa ranging from casting some of Africa’ award-winning acts to the movie borrowing some of African cultures such as the Maasai dress code, but the most notable one has to be that for once Africa has not been portrayed as a poor continent ravaged by war and diseases but an equal continent where everything is possible and the cradle of mankind can be the home of technology, themes and values Andela hopes would inspire its developers to identify and champion.

“There is so much significance in this movie, Black Panther, beyond it being such a great cinematic experience. As much as Wakanda is like a utopia for Africa, it touches on many issues the world currently grapples with from equality to Africa’s potential. It showcases that we can be the home of technology and inventions that are turning the wheels of the world; that leadership can be and should be based on values, and, what we believe in at Andela. We believe that brilliance is evenly distributed. We are equipping a generation of African technologists to go on and solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.” Said Mwaniki.

In keeping with Black Panther’s theme of African culture, Andela employees came clad in their favourite African attires with some even going as far as decorating themselves in tribal marks, all which further added more colour to what was otherwise an epic evening.

Before the movie started, Business Insider spoke to Collins Wagaba, a software developer from Cohort 3, Andela Uganda about why he was so excited to watch the movie.

“I am so excited about this movie and I am expecting lots of action, lots of African flavours and no spoilers alert here but I have heard a lot about great action scenes like crazy car chasing action  in the movie and I can’t wait to see that”

After the Movie was over Business Insider caught up again with Collins who was not disappointed at all and even vowed to watch the movie again since it really touched on aspects he identified with.

“That was the best two hours and fifteen minutes of my life I have spent watching a movie, Wakanda is busting stereotypes about Africa and will begin to change the way the world thinks about this continent. I am so excited I watched it, partly because of the hype, but mainly because of the African touch in it, a lot which resonated with a large part of me.”

Caroline Wanjiku, a software developer at Andela Kenya Cohort 16, identified with Princess Shuri whose beauty and brains wowed the audiences and her comical character filled the theatre with laughter.

“My favourite character was Princess Shuri. I saw her representing me as a woman in tech in Africa. Every time I see a problem I am excited to come up with a technological solution. Not too far from now, African technological solutions will drive the world, and I’m part of that, and I can't wait to show the world.”


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