Africa, the cradle of Mankind, as since pre-historical times featured high on explorers list thanks to its unique wildlife, culture and sure an awesome weather.

No continent in the world generates quite so much interest than Africa, teeming with different varieties of wild animals not found anywhere else in the world, boosting of unique unspoiled cultures and virgin territories waiting to be explored, Africa is certainly a must visit place on earth.

It is therefore easy to forget that Africa is also home to some of the world’s most blissful and unpolluted islands.

This year, make an effort to spice up your travelogues by exploring these exotic, little known islands.

#1 Zanzibar Islands

If you are a photographer then you need you need to add Zanzibar on your bucket list like yesterday; no place is beautiful, laid back and sure to blow your camera lens away like Zanzibar Islands.

25–50 kilometres (16–31 mi) off the coast of the Tanzania’s mainland, annals of history will be revealed to you as you walk down the steps of slaves in the historic Stone Town, which is a Unesco world heritage center.

Later in the evening and early morning you would get to  shot some of the world's most beautiful beach shots on the east coast of the island.

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While in Unguja (Main island) one can indulge in, street walks,  enjoy soulful taarab during sauti za Busara festival, gaze at beautiful coral reefs and sip cold mango juice under the majestic palm trees of Pemba island.

#2. Madagascar’s bevy of islands

If you are a wildlife enthusiast then Madagascar awaits you, eighty percent of the animals found on this island are found nowhere else on the planet.

The most famous Madagascar's  icon of course has to be the lemur, more than 70 species of lemur, from the ring-tailed lemur to the black-and-white Indri lemur call Madagascar home, sorry paradise.

From fossa, to the aye-aye - a creature you got to see with your own eyes to believe it exists, I mean it is so ridiculous that European taxidermists thought it was a joke when they first saw the specimen. It has the ears of a bat, the tail of a fox and the teeth of a rat.

#3. Bird Island, Seychelles

How does a close contact, so close that you are able to capture feathery details of some of the world most beautiful tropic birds like the greater crested terns, all unfazed by human contact sounds?

Seychelles is a bird island where bird lovers would be lost for words as they navigate through the rich forest teeming with more different species of birds from Mahe to Praslin, and La Digue.

From April to October every year more than a million terns, mostly sooty terns, nest on the flat, sandy coral land that is one of Seychelles’ most northern islands.

Mahe, the main island, is popular for splendid beaches, unique plant life and the famous century old clock tower. Praslin is the island’s divers’ haven  and is globally recognized for its bounteous marine life and sport conducive underwater environment.

Anse Lazio Beach located at praslin island was recently rated the best beach in Africa by trip advisory.

#4. Lamu and Watamu, Kenya

Watamu is a Swahili word which means ‘sweet’ and therefore this island assures you of one thing, you would have the sweetest experience while here.

Watamu is a small town located approximately 105 km north of Mombasa and visitors would instantly fell in love with its award winning white sandy beaches.

Lamu on the other hand is a historical gem history buffs would love to explore, The old city of Lamu Island is said to be the oldest and the best preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa and dates as far back as 1370’s.


This island is also a UNESCO heritage site and its occupants continue to live unperturbed by civilization; still relying solely on donkeys for their transport, and maintaining their architectural design for living and work space.

From February to November every year, Lamu organizers a number of cultural festivals which includes dhow racing, donkey racing and so plan your trip to coincide with these festivals for the ultimate experience.

Culture vultures would find lamu irresitable.

#5. Mumbo Island, Malawi

This is the ideal destination for honeymooners, i mean It’s hard to beat Mumbo Island when it comes to romance.

Mumbo Island Camp is located on the beautiful, pristine Mumbo Island, situated in Lake Malawi.

The tiny island (just one kilometer in diameter) has never been populated and can only accommodate 14 guests in its very private tents,  accessed by crossing a wooden bridge from Mumbo’s main beach.

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After a rigorous time planning for your perfect weeding, Lovers can  regain their strength by spending long lazy days swimming in Lake Malawi’s crystal waters, exploring hidden coves by kayak, diving or snorkeling around the massive boulders that surround the island, hiking relaxing on the beach or snoozing in the hammocks on your tent’s balcony.

#6. Bazaruto archipelago, Mozambique

From Quirimbas to the Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique is a world renowned  destination  with plenty to offer.

Bazaruto’s warm and transparent waters make for one of the best breaks for surfers especially in the long months of February to October. The Quirimbas offer authentic experiences due to her undiscovered off the beaten path kind of scenery.

The Marine Park is also a gem to explore, offering exceptional sightings such as those of dudongs, sea turtles, and rare species of lizards.

And guess what Seafood lovers would get to do all these while feasting on mouthwatering  plates of prawns.