The two worst mistakes you can make during a job interview

Avoid doing this during your next job interview.

You’re stressing out, trying to make sure that you don’t screw things up but at the same time you don’t want to come off too desperate that it overshadows what you can offer the company.

There’s never any guarantee that things will go down the way you want them to and it is good to know what mistakes are made in order to avoid a future occurrence in your job interviews.

Chief People Officer at recruiting software company Jobvite, Rachel Bitte sheds some light on the top two mistakes interviewees make having had experience of interviewing more than 6000 people as a recruiter and HR exec at Apple and Intuit.

1.Forgetting to ask questions

According to Bitte, telling your interviewer that you do not have any questions is the worst mistake you can make during an interview.

“That’s just the worst thing in the world. That’s like the kiss of death, almost,” she was quoted by MSN.

Not asking questions during your interview simply shows that you do not care about the role you’re interviewing for.

This doesn’t mean that you should ask just any random questions but rather more insightful questions should do the trick.

“Show me that you have some enthusiasm or some passion. Have a real curiosity about what a job at the company is really like,” she said.

2.Behaving like a jerk

Bitte recounted one of her job interviews at a restaurant.

She met the candidate there and their behavior towards the staff there was horrible and that sent a message to Bitte about the type of person that person was.

"How she treated the wait staff told me something about her as a person. I just was like, 'Wow.'"

The way you interact with other people says a lot about your character.

Bitte is not the only recruiter to use this technique to interview people as Tupperware CEO Rick Goings also adopted it.

He usually checks in with his receptionist to make sure that the job candidates were polite to her when they came for the interview.


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