Mercedes Benz,BMW and 8 other popular car brands that Kenyans are buying

Kenyans are now buying more of Mercedes Benz and BMW car brands.

Mercedes Benz and BMW are among the most bought car brands by Kenyans, according to a newly-released report by Cheki DF Automotive.

The report however places Toyota as the most popular brand in the country in the data compiled for the first quarter of 2017.

The country has a total vehicle fleet of about 1.3 million, placing the ownership rate at around 28-29 vehicles per 1000 people.

A good number of them are second-hand vehicles sold by dealers and online car platforms such as Cheki.

In the report, BMW is seen as the biggest climber in the chart jumping three positions in Q1-2017, to its current third place.

Nissan and Land Rover come in at 3 and 4 positions respectively with Audi being the least ordered for car brand; coming in at position 10.

The Cheki DF Automotive Report analyses auto valuation and consumer demand in the Kenyan marketplace for specific criteria such as body type, vehicle age, engine capacity and mileage.

The market insights are provided by Data Fintech, based on data collected from, the first automotive online marketplace in Kenya over a period of 2 years.

The ever increasing car ownership in Kenya has seen international companies set up new plants in the country.

Japan’s Toyota and General Motors already have a presence in the country. Earlier this year, Peugeot announced plans to restart production in Kenya. Germany’s Volkswagen also inaugurated a new product facility in Thika on December 2016.

Here is the full list of all the popular car brands being bought by Kenyans:


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