Kenya’s celebrity chef has launched a brand new international show that will see him meet some of the biggest names in the Cake industry and give Kenyans access to some of the latest trends in sugar artistry.

CAKE WORLD TV with CHEF ALI MANDHRY is a cake series aimed at equipping home bakers with sugar artistry skills and will see Chef Ali will meet with celebrated cake artists from USA to talk all about cake artistry.

“Cake is everything. A cake is something very precious and people make amazing cakes in Kenya. Home baking businesses is a big thing here, especially among women, so I thought, ‘Why not empower these people by giving them access to the latest trends in sugar artistry by having it on a free platform,” Chef Ali says.

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The show filmed at the Sweet Life LLC in Annandale Virginia Washington DC Metro Area, Produced by Food Time Television limited and powered by Kericho Gold will be Available exclusively on Chef Ali Mandhry YouTube Channel.

After a trip to the US in 2012 where he first mingled with celebrity chefs and cake artists, Chef Ali embarked on a journey to see his dream come true – that of giving Kenyans access to what he had learned from the talented chefs and Cake World is among many

Cake World Tv Episode 1, Chef Ali Mandhry meets with award wining Chef Vanessa Greeley and they create a masterpiece 3 tiered cake using Choco-Pan and Simi isomalt for the decoration details.

Season one consists of 8 cake artists and will be uploaded every Saturday at 12.00pm EAT.

Cake enthusiasts wishing to learn from the best can get the Recipes of each episode by grabbing a copy of Eve Woman Magazine on Saturdays.

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