Kenya's hottest chef would love to cook for these three people but one might land him in hot soup

Chef Ali has rubbed shoulders with some of industry's biggest names such as Chef Gordon Ramsey, popular with Hell's Kitchen TV show and Dubai based Chef Osama.

He started cooking at the tender age of nine years old and has grown to host several cooking shows locally and internationally and earned himself accolades and respect from some of industry's biggest names such as Chef Gordon Ramsey, popular with Hell's Kitchen TV show and Dubai based Chef Osama.

Tamu Tamu: Kenyan Cuisine with a Twist, Pilipili Jikoni, Kikwetu Supa Chef and now Power breakfast with Chef Ali, are just some of his many TV shows.

Wherever he goes loyal fans and celebrities alike cant resist his 'hot looks' and beg for a selfie with Kenya's hottest chef.

Business Insider Sub Saharan Africa had a chat with the Kenyan celebrity chef who is also Chevrolet brand ambassador in East Africa about his stellar career and upcoming cook book set to be released this year and asked him three people he would like to cook for/with.

Khadija Abdalla

This goes without saying and Chef Ali would love to cook for his lovely wife, Khadija Abdalla who is a creative director.

“I always cook for my wife, I do the cooking most of the time in my house, my wife is an amazing cook, she loves to cook, she just has what you would called  the mother’s or wife’s touch  the food that she makes is really amazing but I like to cook”

The celebrity couple married in 2014 and are proud parents of two beautiful daughters, Princess Anaya and Alyaanah.

“I would say this there is nothing tastier than my wife”

For being such a great supportive wife and allowing him to cook for her despite her being a great cook herself, Chef Ali would pick one of her favorite meals to tantalize her with.

“My wife is really simple, she is a simple eater so she loves meat pies and these kind of fancy stuff, Pizza and all so I would make a lovely romantic chicken pie filled with some gorgeous mushrooms and chicken”

President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Kenyatta is one of the most popular leaders not only in Kenya but in Africa as well.

His easy going nature, free spirit and cool attitude has endeared him to many young Africans including Chef Ali.

“Someone whom I would actually not even cook for but would love to cook with is Uhuru Kenyatta, I would love to cook with my President, I don’t know, like I feel like he is the coolest, and that is basically me, I am not into politics, sometimes I don’t even understand what is happening in Kenyan politics, (laughs) because I don’t have the time, that is me”

“I adore him, I feel like he is one of the coolest presidents around and I am not being a politician here and I am not siding but at the end of the day you gotta say what you really like and you know I would love to cook with him and see if he can cook  as well and then later enjoy the meal together that is something I would really love to do”

And for the honor, Chef Ali would love to cook with him his  favorite meal of Nyama Choma (grilled meat) and while at it go crazy with all  meat recipes and give Uhuru 'all you can eat' treat of a lifetime.

“Of course I would make some lovely Kenyan meat for my president, tupike Nyama sawasawa, Nyama kila aina tuchome, tupike tumbikiza, tupike nyama yangu ile special ya cheese on top, you know we just go crazy with our meat and then pair it with amazing tea to go with that”

Between cracking jokes, sipping tea and more jokes the two gentlemen can discuss Chef Ali’s passion to represent Kenya in the international stage as an Ambassador.

Nancy Ajram

This might land our ‘dear Chef’ in trouble but he would like to have a meal with his 'childhood crush' who is an amazing talented singer whose vocals make men go weak, who wouldn't want that seriously?

“Apart from my wife and she might kill me for this but there is a celebrity called Nancy Ajram , she is Lebanese singer. I used to love her when I was little and I think she was my crush (laughs) so I would love to cook for her, my wife would kill me now but it is fine (laughs)”

Ajram is one of the best-selling Middle Eastern music artists and has sold over 30 million records worldwide as of 2007.

Apart from music she is also involved in several philanthropy and humanitarian work with underprivileged children.

“I would make a vegan meal for Nancy because I know she is vegan”  (giggles)


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