Forget engineering and medicine,here are 5 other courses on high demand in Kenya

These are the other highly marketable courses in the country.

Forget those engineering and medicine degrees, you can still get jobs from these courses:

Business Insider has compiled a list of some the courses that are somehow overlooked but are highly marketable in the current Kenyan job market:

1. Bachelor of applied Statistics with IT/ BA in Statistics

With Bachelor of Applied Statistics with IT, one can expect to do a lot in data analysis, statistical modelling and monitoring and evaluation. It’s a course which can offer room for self-employment in case one is unable to find a job.

There are plenty of jobs for Statistics graduates ranging from an accountant, financial analyst, investment analyst, monitoring and evaluation officer, project manager, statistician, actuary, policy analyst, economist and many more.

2. Bachelor of Communications and  Public Relations

There is a lot to offer in the field of communications and in this time and age it is vital for any firm to engage effectively with customers, partners and the wider community.

And it is for such purpose that organizations employ public relations and social media experts to ensure that messages reach their intended audience by using the most appropriate communications channel.

3. Bachelor of Commerce plus CPA/ACCA, Finance, economics and statistics

It’s a massively crowded market for sure but it remains to be one of the top marketable courses in Kenyan universities and colleges.

In order to have an edge over other students pursuing a degree in Commerce, it is advisable to back it up by pursuing a marketable professional certificate such as Chartered Financial Analyst or ACCA (two certificates with global recognition).

Employers seek to admit graduates who’ve done either of the two certificates as opposed to those who’ve only pursued Commerce alone.

4. Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management

It is another course that’s picking up quite fast given the sudden growth in the Real Estate industry in Kenya. Many entrepreneurs are opting to invest in real estate, hence an increase in demand for real estate specialists.

It is offered in a couple of universities including the University of Nairobi. The starting salary for real estate professionals in Kenya is at least 120, 000ksh.

5. Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

NGOs, the government, security firms and banks are all looking for qualified graduates from this sector.

Universities are incorporating this course in their curriculum as there is a growing demand for security managers as well as forensic experts.

And just to make yourself more marketable, add a professional course, such as Certified Fraud Examiner.


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