Kenya's International schools are the most expensive in Africa

It would cost a prospective parent at least $211,757 at admit their child at GEMS Cambridge international school...

The cost of educating a child below 10 years in Nairobi’s top private schools is $10,500 (Sh1million) a year on average, the International Schools Database Survey states (ISDS).

“The survey suggests that the high price is in part due to high quality education sand costs” Andrea Robledillo of the ISDS said.

Kenya has a chain of international schools which offer international curriculum like the British education system and charge up to $25,988 (sh2.7million) per year, rivaling more advanced  metropolis like Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur, Copen Hagen and  Cape town whose fees are nearly a third of what Kenyan schools charge.

Top on the list of Nairobi’s exclusive schools is the International School of Kenya (ISK) which charges parents a whooping $25,988 per child.

One can easily mistake a simple parent’s day in these schools for a high level United Nations meeting. High level government officials and foreign expatriates working in foreign embassies and multinational companies not to mention children from different nationalities from all over the world, all converge in one hall.

Nairobi Rosslin Academy comes in second, charging $14,438 a year, tying with Banda School and Kenton preparatory school.

Hillcrest International School, founded in 1965, follows closely and charges $13,475.48 a year per child.

It is easier to get lost in these figures and wonder why would a parent spend such a steep figure on their children education, but unlike your ordinary private schools, these schools boost some of the best modern learning facilities which would put to shame even the most top end private university in Kenya.

“it is not that we are an expensive school, all we do is position ourselves to provide each group of parents with a choice of where they can take their kids to but we make sure the quality of education runs across all the schools regardless of what you are paying in fees”  Dr. Ernest Mureithi , the regional director and CEO of GEMS Education in Africa told BI during an earlier interview.

GEMS Cambridge comes is fourth and a parent has to folk out $13,475 a year per child, other are Brook house ($13,475) and Braeburn at $12,513.

The most affordable international schools are Aga Khan Academy and Nairobi Academy which charges $5,064 and $4,120 per year respectively.

Unlike normal Kenyan schools which insist on senseless ‘cramming’ and all that matters is passing exams, these elite schools, offer holistic learning that put more emphasis on  leadership skills, critical thinking and problem solving all of which are crucial  in today’s highly competitive and innovative world.

At GEMS Cambridge for instance the school has a network of 200 schools scattered across all major cities in the world and a parent can simply decide let their kids spend each term in a new city.

“The biggest difference between GEMS Nairobi and all the other international schools in Africa, I would say is our heritage”

China’s Shangai is the most expensive city in terms of international school fees that averages $33,396 a year, while Copenhagen charges the lowest rates at $4,410 a year because of government subsidies.

The survey was conducted in cities with more than seven international schools and only captures tuition fees, minus additional charges.


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