Kenya's moral cop claims Western charities pay young people $30,000 each to become homosexuals

Dr Mutua has become one of Kenya's hardline critics of LGBT rights.

Speaking during an interview with The Nairobian newspaper, Dr Mutua said that Western-led NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) are bribing Kenya’s young people to become gay.

"There are foreign NGOs in Kisumu and Kakamega which move to the villages to manipulate our poor innocent youth with ‘big money’ of up to Sh3 million (£22,000) for them to engage in this wicked act," he alleged.

The 'moral policeman' added that he has raised the issue with the NGOs coordination board.

"We (KFCB) have asked the NGO Coordination Board to investigate the activities of some of the foreign NGOs in the country. If they do not stop, I will lead in picketing and demonstrations to make our message heard."


Mutua argued that he would rather lose his job than tone down his anti-LGBT rhetoric.

According to him, this is a kind of Neo-colonialism aimed at destroying a country enriched with African morals and principles.

“These mzungus who are bringing and sponsoring this practice in Kenya should know that we are entrenched in our African morals and principles that portray sexual decency. Our fore parents did not practice homosexuality,” he said.

Mutua has become one of the country’s most prominent and hardline critics of LGBT rights.

He recently hit headlines after banning a Kenyan lesbian movie titled Rafiki ahead of its debut at Cannes Film Festival.

Rafiki director Wanuri Kahiu alleged that the KFCB had initially signed off on the film’s script, and only decided to ban the film after she rejected abrupt demands to give the film a sad ending.


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