“Come Monday we will take the Sh100 million jackpot,” new Sportpesa millionaire declares

Sportpesa Mega jackpot millionaire reveals what his next plans after his big win.

He is a stocky man of medium height, with a clean shaven head, a growing paunch and a ready smile. Having collected the Sh230, 742, 881 cheque on Wednesday, Ogada is suddenly everyone’s favourite Kenyan. The Kibera native won the largest ever amount of the jackpot showing gamblers everywhere the possibility of taking a chance.

He currently works as a field officer for KEMRI and lives in Kibra slum with his wife and two children. The missus, Agnes Nasirumbi, wasn’t a fan of sports betting.

“At first I was not amused by it. I was very negative. Gordon would wake up in the middle of the night and begin to bet. I eventually got used to it because I realised I was just fighting a losing battle,” she said on Wednesday at the cheque-giving party at The Carnivore.

But this was of no issue to Ogada.

“She accepted that I won. She’s ok with it,” he assured.

Ogada’s story has the rarity of a fairy tale. However, the winner couldn’t be any less awed by it all. When asked about whether he reacted with surprise or disbelief he said that he didn’t.

“No, I just went on like any other day. Because I have been winning, I knew it was real,” he answered.

His winning streak is unquestionable as after winning the Sh231 million prize, he won another Sh200, 000. So much money would be a ticket to the lavish lifestyle many can only dream of. For Ogada, this isn’t an issue.

“From my background, I’m not like that [a spendthrift]. I am a man of Tibim. Even if Raila called for maandamano tomorrow, I would still go. My life would be the same.”

The winner also clarified that he wouldn’t be sharing his money with any friends.

“It’s my money, why should I give it out?” he asked, “I will still go on assisting vulnerable people in society. Before I was on salary I was helping people so I will continue with that.”

Ogada’s humility became even more apparent when he said he also doesn’t plan on moving from his current hometown. His love for Kibera is undying.

The field officer’s loyalty is admirable. BI questioned whether he has received any female attention after receiving his winnings but he said that he hadn’t. He had a message for any women who had ideas about potentially seducing him.

“I’ve declared my status. I’m married with two kids. I know chicks are tempting people. But I’m outside that box. Let them try. But I can buy somebody a coffee. That doesn’t mean I will court them.”

As he continued to outline how his life is unlikely to change, Ogada made it clear that he is not going to stop gambling. Previous mega jackpot winner Samuel Abisai was introduced to Nairobi’s latest millionaire on Wednesday and even gave him advice on what to do with the money. Abisai told him, “Don’t listen to other people. Do what you love.”

Their partnership doesn’t stop there. The recently minted millionaires exchanged contacts and vowed that they would be betting again.

“Come Monday we will take the Sh100 million jackpot on Sportpesa. We are doing predictions. I’ve already done some.”

Ogada encouraged more Kenyans to bet. His refreshing “money is for winning” attitude will probably have more people trying their luck. “We should try so that we can eat the other one,” he shared.

The betting will not stop for him.

“Why should it?” he quipped as he insisted that people should bet responsibly.

He added, “When we say that you should bet responsibly, we mean that you take your time. Analyse your games well. If you analyse they aren’t 100% right but when you do it you have more chances of winning.”

Ogada also sagely warned that betting shouldn’t make one lose his/her job. He discouraged gamblers from using their entire salary to bet or “using the profits from the kiosk”. He likened it to casual drinkers explaining that they drink responsibly rather than spending all their money on booze.

The new millionaire was evasive when it came to his plans for the money. Nevertheless he promised that he would give back to the society.

“I’ve been working with people in the slums for the past 8 years. I know what I need to prioritize.”

It’s unimaginable that he wouldn't have at least one special goal for his newfound fortune. Upon being pressed, Ogada cracked a wide-toothed grin and admitted, “Maybe I will buy a Toyota 110.”


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