Here are the 5 African countries with the most devoted Christians

The commitment levels of Christians across the continent has been analysed by the Pew Research Center.

A church in Nigeria
  • A new report by the Pew Research Center reveals the African countries with the highest number of devout believers.
  • Majority of these committed Christians live in Ethiopia, East Africa
  • Ghana has the second most religious people in the continent, followed by Nigeria.

Africans are known to be some of the most devoted Christians in the world and this has just been confirmed by a new report.

After analysing the commitment level of believers in 84 countries, the findings of Pew Research Center show that the continent does have the most religious people in the globe.

The research found that the majority of African Christians who say religion is very important in their lives live in Ethiopia, East Africa.

Ghana has the second most religious people in the continent followed by Nigeria.

Here is the ranking of the top five African countries with the most devoted Christians: 

  • Ethiopia - 98%
  • Ghana - 89%
  • Nigeria - 82%
  • South Africa - 72%
  • Egypt - 50%

Christianity in Nigeria

Despite the high number of committed believers in this West African country, a 2018 report has discovered that millennials are turning their backs on Christianity and religion in general.

The report by the Public Religion Research Institute gave three major reasons for this new trend. 

Apart from Christianity, Nigeria is also home to Muslims and atheists. With the former being the second largest religious group in the county, the Global Index of Religiosity and Atheism has revealed that more Nigerians are beginning to identify as atheists.

In 2018, Business Insider Sub-Saharan Africa chatted with one of the three registered three pro-secular organisations - Atheist Society of Nigeria - in order to find out what is like to live in a highly devout Christians and Muslims.

In their words, "There is the shock some people feel when they find out that there are atheists in Nigeria. But for the most part, we find Nigerians are tolerant and love to speak their minds when they disagree with you. So we have plenty of discussions but very few instances of being threatened or bullied. We believe in the power of conversation to help each other understand different opinions and worldviews."

Read all about it here.


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