Here are the 5 most and least trusted professions around the world

Scientists are the world's most trusted profession (AP Photo/Khalil Senosi)
  • Trust — a strong belief in someone or something — is not just an important part of our lives, it is an integral part of human interactions. 
  • It is particularly required in certain professions, for instance, people should be able to trust that their doctors have what it takes to diagnose ailments and offer the right drugs. 
  • A new international survey, completed online by adults aged 16–64 in 22 countries, has revealed the list of the most and least trustworthy professions across the world.

A new trustworthiness Ipsos poll carried out by Ipsos MORI, a UK Market research company, has found that people all over the world regard scientists as the most trusted people.

The results of the survey show that only one in ten people consider scientists as untrustworthy which is extremely low compared to the fact that six in ten of the global public regard them as trustworthy.

Doctors follow as the second trustworthy profession (56% trustworthy) while teachers (52%) come in third. 

Commenting on the poll, Ben Page, CEO of Ipsos MORI, says: "It has been said that we no longer trust experts. This study shows that in fact, scientists are held in high esteem all over the world. Many professions have high levels of trust. As our new report, Trust: the truth shows, trust is not in a new acute crisis."

The least trusted group in all countries polled comes as no surprise to anyone as the votes put politicians at the end of the list.

Here are the five most and least trusted professions around the world:

  • Scientists — 60 per cent
  • Doctors — 56 per cent
  • Teachers — 52 per cent
  • Government ministers — 12 per cent
  • Politicians generally — 9 per cent

Meanwhile, a Nigerian scientist named Mansurah Abdulazeez is developing an innovative cancer cure from plants.

Read all about her research here.


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