Here are the 6 worst cities to live in Africa

Dakar, Senegal and Lagos, Nigeria are some of the cities that ranked poorly in this latest report.

New report says Lagos is the worst city to live in Africa (Financial Times/Photoshot)
  • Economist Intelligence Unit releases the list of the world's 10 worst cities.
  • It features six places in Africa.
  • Lagos in Nigeria makes the list as the worst city to live in.

The Economist Intelligence Unit has released the list of 10 most livable cities across the globe as well as the world's 10 least liveable cities.

Its report , "The Global Liveability Index 2018," uses the combination of five factors to rate the livability of all the cities across the globe.

The first three factors are stability (level of crime and conflict), healthcare (presence and quality of healthcare) as well as environmental/cultural factors like climate, religious restrictions, food and drinks.

Education (quality and availability of private or public education) is the fourth factor followed by infrastructure which looks at the quality of roads, public transport, provision of water, housing, energy and telecommunications.

Of the top 10 bottom cities, six can be found in Africa. Below is the liveability rating for these African cities:

- Lagos, Nigeria is ranked as the least liveable city on the continent.

Rank: 138

Rating: 38.5

Stability: 20

Healthcare: 37.5

Culture and Environment: 53.5

Education: 33.3

Infrastructure: 46.4

- Harare, Zimbabwe

Rank: 135

Rating: 42.6

Stability: 40

Healthcare: 20.8

Culture and Environment: 58.6

Education: 66.7

Infrastructure: 35.7

-Tripoli, Libya

Rank: 134

Rating: 42.9

Stability: 45.9

Healthcare: 41.7

Culture and Environment: 40.3

Education: 50

Infrastructure: 41.1

- Douala, Cameroon

Rank: 133

Rating: 44.0

Stability: 60

Healthcare: 25

Culture and Environment: 44.4

Education: 33.3

Infrastructure: 42.9

- Algiers, Algeria

Rank: 132

Rating: 44.1

Stability: 50

Healthcare: 45.8

Culture and Environment: 45.4

Education: 50

Infrastructure: 30.4

- Dakar, Senegal

Rank: 131

Rating: 48.3

Stability: 50

Healthcare: 41.7

Culture and Environment: 49.7

Education: 50

Infrastructure: 37.5

It isn't all bad news for Africa as South Africa's Johannesburg was ranked 92 in the world along with Rio de Janeiro.

Scoring 69.1 per cent, it is curently the best livable city on the continent.


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