Here is Omoni Oboli’s secret to staying fit and healthy in spite of a busy schedule

Omoni Oboli at the Love Is War movie premiere
  • Omoni Oboli wears many hats. She is an actress, scriptwriter, filmmaker, author, businesswoman, wife and mother.
  • Still, she manages to stay fit, sporting an enviable trim figure. 
  • She shares her best tips on staying healthy in spite of a busy schedule in a new interview with Business Insider Sub Saharan Africa.

Omoni Oboli is a Nollywood actress, scriptwriter, filmmaker, author, businesswoman, wife and mother. 

But despite this long-running list of obligations, she manages to make time for her fitness and health which is evident in her toned figure.

She recently shared her secrets for staying healthy in spite of a busy schedule with Business Insider Sub Saharan Africa. 

For Oboli, diet is the first thing to consider. In her words, “One of the first things is your diet. You have to watch what you eat, how you eat, when you eat. You have to be disciplined.”

Next, she stressed the importance of exercising, adding that this is more than just working out.

“You have to exercise. For me, exercise is not necessarily about weight loss, it's about staying healthy. We just have too many body parts and you have to oil them, that's what exercise should be about. It should be a lifestyle. It should be about wanting to stay healthy", she stated.

Omoni Oboli shares the secret to beautiful natural hair

Apart from making time for her health, Oboli also finds time for her hair. The proud 'naturalista' (a woman who rocks her natural hair that is not permed) shared her tips for growing and maintaining healthy natural hair like hers. 

To have great natural hair, she recommends loving one’s hair. “Just take care of your hair and it will take care of you right back. Are you loving your hair? It's a living organism, it wants love. So if you are loving it, it will love you right back by growing,” Omoni said.

She goes on to talk about washing, deep conditioning, hydration and henna (a one-of-a-kind ingredient that smooths, softens and strengthens natural hair).

In Oboli’s words, “How often are you washing your hair? How often are you doing deep conditioning? Our hair is kinky so it can be quite tough to handle and if you don't deep condition, it breaks. It's not soft enough for you to manage. You have got to deep condition. I henna my hair quite a bit."

“For naturalistas, I would say consider using henna once a month,once in six weeks or once in two months depending on your schedule and make sure you hydrate your hair a lot, in the morning, at night. Make sure you have a spray bottle of water and maybe a little bit of conditioner and spray on your hair so your hair stays hydrated and it's not dry because when its dry its brittle and it breaks. Once your hair breaks, you won’t see growth. So just take care of it and it will take care of you right back,” she concluded.


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