Top 10 cheapest and safest places to live in Nairobi and its environs

Let us save you from the hustle of house hunting.

That very elusive search for a bedsitter or one bedroom can be quite frustrating at times.

Kenyans are finding it hard to find some good housing whose rent can match the salary they earn per month. And with many of them earning less than Sh50,000 you can understand the challenge they face in balancing their income and demands.

Additionally, rental prices keep increasing as the shortage of housing facilities keeps biting. That said, Business Insider has compiled a list of the areas in Nairobi with cheap and affordable houses just to save you from the hustle of house-hunting:

1. Roysambu

Home to one of Kenya’s largest malls, Thika Road Mall, Roysambu is inhabited by the upcoming middle-class as well as those fresh graduates who’ve just gotten jobs. The area is not just home to Kenyans but to a whole bunch of Nigerians, Rwandese and Congolese people.

Its close proximity to the Thika Superhighway makes it a favorite especially among people who just work in the capital city. One bedroom house goes for Sh15, 000-Sh.20, 000 per month and a bedsitter goes for between kSh.8, 000 to Sh.12,000.

2. Kikuyu

It is one of the fastest growing areas in the region and is preferred by many Kenyans due to its affordability as being the only town that is on the bypass. The fare to and fro the CBD is quite affordable for the working class.

A bedsitter goes for an average 7,000ksh per month and one bedroom costing between 13,000ksh – 16, 000ksh per month.

3. Ruaka

This upcoming area is located North West of Nairobi at the Western end of the Northern Bypass. Houses in Ruaka are quite affordable save for the presence of Two Rivers Mall which has seen the rental prices shoot up as more people are relocating to the area.

Bedsitters go for an average of between Sh7,000-Sh10,000 per month whereas one bedroom goes for between Sh15,000-Sh20,000 a month.

4. Rongai

The town said to be “outside Kenya” due to its far-flung distance from Nairobi town. That aside, Rongai is a good area to settle in considering that it’s not populated as such compared to other areas in Nairobi. The Maasai Mall is one of the popular shopping centers where people from the area can purchase stuff without having to go to the CBD.

5. Embakasi

As a residential estate it houses mostly lower middle income citizens. It is also a host to informal settlements like Mukuru Kwa Njenga. It plays host to a number of recreational facilities as well as the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

One bedroom house goes for KSh 10,000 – 15, 000Ksh and a bedsitter goes for between 6,000ksh and 9,000ksh.

6. Utawala

Another estate that is not really populated and would be a good choice for those looking for cheap houses. A bedsitter could go for Sh6,000 whereas a one bedroom house costs at least Sh10,000 on average.

7. Donholm

It is one of the oldest estates in Nairobi and has over the years witnessed the mushrooming of multi-storey apartments and flats. It is preferred by bachelor and newly employed youths.

One bedroom goes for between Sh 10,000-Sh 18,000 per month, while a bedsitter goes for Sh 5,500-Sh 12,000 per month.

8. Mlolongo

It is a favorite among many Kenyans as seen from the over 6,000 inhabitants who reside there. Situated along Mombasa Road, Mlolongo has affordable houses with one bedroom going averaging between Sh8,500-Sh15,000. A bedsitter will cost you about Sh6,500 a month.

9. Kahawa Sukari/Wendani

Besides being inhabited by a lot of Kenyatta University students, the estate is a good place for the working class even though rent prices keep rising especially for those living around Quickmart Supermarket in Kahawa Sukari.

A bedsitter goes for a about Sh8,000 while one bedroom averages between Sh10,000-Sh15,000.

10. Kangemi/Uthiru

They are located in Westlands, Nairobi and plays host to both the middle class and lower class.

Uthiru is one of the cheapest estates to live in Nairobi; one bedroom goes for between Sh.8,000-Sh.13,000,bed sitter goes  for between Sh 5,000-Sh 8,000.


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