Meet 19yrs old Tanzania conjoined twins who want to be married by one man

Maria and Consolata have big dreams for the future.

After were born their parents died shortly leaving them as orphans, a catholic charity called Maria Consolata stepped in and adopted them and named Maria and Consolata after the charity organization.

The charity has fended for them since then and get support from local government and private donations to fund their education.

They are now 19yr old and in their final year at Iringa high school, they have big dreams in life.

“Our expectation is to go to university where we would like to be teachers”  they told BBC.

Asked about the challenges that come with teaching, as the career is physically taxing, the twins are upbeat about it adding that they will rely on technology to fulfill their work.

“We would teach using projectors and computers”

About whether they would want to be surgically separated and led separate lives, maria and Consolata are totally against it.

After graduating from University and achieving their dreams of becoming teachers, the twins later wish to get married to one husband and live happily ever after.


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