6 unknown facts about Helium Balloons CEO

Since 2015 her company has grown to become one of the biggest suppliers of balloons in Kenya.


However when you go to buy the balloons you can’t find your corporate colours neither can you order for re-branded balloons, are we living in Stone Age?

Closer home you kid is celebrating his/her birthday and the shops don’t stock balloons of different shades of colour and material, so you can’t buy your kid a balloon in their favorite colour, what a damper!

“Locally there were only the plain standard 12 inches latex balloons. It was red, yellow or green and always had to be what was available. So I began asking myself where I can get different types of balloons with different colors, I went around to all the major stores and I could not find certain colors that my clients wanted, that is when I discovered Kenya did not manufacture balloons and I was surprised,”

Joyce Muthoni is the CEO/Director of Helium Balloon Company which is based in Nairobi and has a branch in Mombasa.

Helium balloon was officially registered in 2015 and supplies helium balloons and other party confetti items to corporate and personal events.

She imports her customized balloons from China and the United states and then packages them in Nairobi ready for retail or personally delivered at your doorstep.

Here are six unknown facts about Ms Muthoni.

From Buru Buru to USIU

Joyce grew up in east lands, Buru Buru, Phase 4 and went to school in Nairobi Pentecostal Church Academy.

She later joined Limuru girl’s high school before eventually joining the United States International University (USIU)

“I studied International Business Administration and focused on marketing, I graduated from USIU in 2009 and in 2010 I started my first business”

Her & her Mother

Joyce comes from a very creative family; her dad was an engineer with a gift of having calligraphy like handwriting. Her brother went into arts and animations, her sister is a musician, her younger brother is an instrumentalists but Joyce finds her strength in her mother.

“The person I look up to the most is my mom;  I grew up looking up to her because first of all she has sacrificed a lot and that taught me that resilience is important in life, you will not always have everything you want but if you keep going at it you will achieve your heart desires. Opportunities come and happen to everybody but what matters is who is able to see it and take it by the horns and move with it, my mum also had a very entrepreneurial spirit which I have inherited,”

She started out as an accident

Most entrepreneurs always cite the emporia moment when they finally knew what their destiny in life was and since how they have worked to the bone to fulfill it.

Not Ms Muthoni, her journey to Helium balloon was an accident, while still running her first consulting company, she proposed to do marketing campaign for an organization using helium balloons, however the deal fell through leaving her with more than Sh300,000 debt and huge tanks of Helium she did not know what to do with.

After about a year of just sitting and contemplating, she picked herself up, licked her wounds and as they say the rest is history.

The beginning of Helium balloon was not an aah moment, it was more than an accident… after just looking at the helium tanks for a year I decided to just start selling them hoping I will get a little money and forget everything, But once I began selling I realized people were actually buying and it was something I could actually do if I considered it”

Lesson of the Day: When life gives you lemons make lemonades out of them.

She hits the gym every week

Ms Muthoni is very big on healthy living, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and healthy relationship.

“I am normally at home by 6pm; I then go to the gym from 7pm – 9pm, three to four times a week and after that i come home and make dinner”

Over the weekend she tries to hook up with her friends, family and her man.

Philippians 1:6

Not many people are proud to say they are born again, love God and are grateful for all God’s favors but not Joyce.

“Business can be a downer sometimes but I have found out that the one place I can go to for encouragement is to God, is to my bible, is to prayer because a lot of times I have wanted to quit but through going to God I have been able to keep the faith and finish the race”

“Right now I am listening to Oceans by Hillsong which I have been listening for quite a bit now, in terms of scripture I usually turn to Philippians 1:6 whenever I am down which reads

Humble and approachable

“Something people don’t know about me is that I am a very humble approachable person, but the thing is throughout my life I have experience the exact opposite, people have called me a snob everything you can think of which is absolutely not true, anyone who has actually had the guts to come and talk to me knows that I am very open, friendly and the easiest person to talk to” She finalizes.


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