Kenya's finest grill master, 'Jah Juok', reveals best parts to eat in a Chicken and why

Which is the best part to eat in a Chicken? is an age-old question meat lovers especially white meat enthusiasts have found themselves pondering at one point or another.

Whole grilled chicken. (Feenix)

Chicken is one of the most popular meat delicacies across the world due to its sweet and tender meat.

Chicken comes in different flavours from grilled to deep fried and different people prefer different parts for various reasons hence always drawing mixed debate on which part is the sweatest.

So who is a better person to ask this age old question than Kenya's own grill master, Tony Onyango.

Popular known as 'Jah Juok', Tony is a grill master and Jack Daniel’s brothers of the grill people’s category double winner.

The banker by the day phone is forever buzzing as new orders of meat keep streaming in in and happy messages of satisfied clients flood in.

Business Insider SSA recently had a chat with the award winning grill master to lay this matter to rest.

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is a favorite of many people because it has a lot of meat and they are not wrong.

“The last part to be ready in a chicken is the breast but it has the most meat” Tony said.

Tony is however quick to explain that one should take his time especially when when cooking the thigh.

“You know there are thermometers and things for checking the readiness of your chicken, you don’t do it with your eyes, the thigh would be ready but your breast is not ready, why? Because breast is thicker so sometimes you eat the thigh and it is okay and then the breast has blood so it is a whole not really science but more of a craft, cooking meat is an art”

Chicken wings

For people in hurry and who are not big lovers of meat, more of tasters than eaters, Chicken wings is the perfect part for them.

“The fastest cooking part in a chicken is the wings but it has very little meat”

Chicken Thighs

If you are the kind of guy who likes medium meat and you feel alive when you are grabbing some drumstics in your hand, well if you get a well done thigh like Tony’s you will go gaga and speak in tongues.

“Then the next part you have is the thighs, I like to do things because it is a medium kind of meat, it is in-between if the thigh is done well you will enjoy it”

Tony owns Mbukaki Bar and Restaurant along Kiambu road and has an app Y-not BBQ for meat orders.


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