This music troupe staged an explicit dance at Kenya's largest cultural festival—and it left people embarrassed

The incident saw the Lamu Cultural Festival end prematurely.

Organizers of the just concluded 17th edition of Lamu Cultural Festival found themselves in a fix after a music group danced explicitly, allegedly breaching the cultural taste of the festival.

Tanzanian music troupe, The Offside Trick, staged an overly explicit dance that left many people embarrassed, forcing the organizers to drag them off stage.

Those who had turned up to witness the dance including children,elders,religious leaders and invited dignitaries had to hide their faces as dancers and singers of the troupe left little to imagination as they danced.

The incident was widely criticized with many of the attendees saying the performance did not reinforce the cultural aspect of the festival. This being despite the fact that they had earlier on been briefed about the cultural event and asked to prepare accordingly.

Several attempts to warn the group about their explicit dance fell on deaf ears, forcing the event organizers and area leaders who were present to drag them off the stage.

As such, the night ended prematurely as people dispersed despite that other invited dance and music groups were yet to perform.

Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics-CICC chair Sheikh Mohamed Abdulkadir said the group not only breached the cultural aspect but also surpassed religious limits.

The Lamu Festival is arguably the oldest and largest cultural festival in Kenya. It is held every November in celebration of both the past and the future and the beliefs and traditions that are the heart and soul of the Lamu community


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