3 weird sexual practices in Africa that still exist

These customs show how interesting Africans are as a people.

Some of the interesting practices include cleansing corpses and using the water to prepare food for the whole community, receiving beating to impress women and others. However, some sexual practices within the continent are considered weirder but have their beneficial societal benefits.

Here are some of the customs that would brighten your day, and show how sexually inclined some African customs are.

Wife stealing is a practice among the Wodaabe tribe of Niger, West Africa. The custom allows women to choose from among men other than her husband for sexual activities, as the women are stated to have the sexual power.

During a seven-day ceremony that usually holds in the community, the women choose from among men for her sexual satisfaction. Men would conceal their identity by wearing heavy makeup and use of peacock feathers, and strut their stuff to attract female.

The women watch on and tap a man on the shoulder, that means she likes what she sees and if the man likes her back, he can steal her from her husband for this stated period.

In Africa, it is a significant matter that men should have the capacity to sexually please his spouse(s) and the Banyankole tribe have a unique way of doing this.

For a newly married groom, the bride’s aunt would help the bride to find out the potency and purity of the new husband by having sex with him. This is before the bride and groom are allowed to consummate their marriage.

Another tradition asides the above is for the aunts to listen or watch as the couple engages in their sexual engagement.

Among tribes in Ethiopia, there is a custom that young boys must undergo to prove their adulthood. This practice is known as ‘Hamar’.

A young boy would have to be naked, and then jump over the back of many bulls arranged in a straight and closely-knit by their tail and horns by older men.

Also, the female friends of the new adult would have to receive lashes from elder in a show of loyalty to the new adult.


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