Inside the glamorous life of Kenya's Instagram socialites

A look at Kenya's famous socialites and their classy lifestyles

Kenya has over the past few years seen a surge in the number of socialites who are never short of showing us their well-to-do lives.

With many of them having shot to fame thanks to social media, only a few have managed to come on top in this otherwise controversial world of socialites.

Instagram is their playground and the rest of the world ust cannot look away.

  • Vera Sidika

She first rose to fame after appearing in the music video for a popular Kenyan song ‘You Guy.’Famous for her figure,Sidika has climbed to the top of the ladder.

Vera does not hide her taste for all fine things in life from travelling to every corner of the world to dining at exclusive five star hotels. And despite claims that ‘sponsors’ are behind her classy lifestyle, Vera is not the kind of lady to give a damn about people’s opinions.

  • Huddah Monroe

She began her career as a model and soon become known as one of Kenya’s most famous socialites. ‘Team Mafisi’ (Kenyan men who are always drooling at fine women) first recognized her in 2014 when she had a short stint at Big Brother Africa.

Just like Vera Sidika, Huddah is all about the luxurious lifestyle.

In as much as she is referred to as a socialite, Huddah is also a business woman with her own line of cosmetics.

She has as well received endorsements from brands like Techno and Slim Tea.

  • Corazon Kwamboka

The curvy, law graduate has never been shy of showing off her curvaceous body, high-end lifestyle and secret love for playing roulette in a casino. She is rumoured to be dating an Italian.

  • Lady Risper (Risper Faith)

Risper Faith is perhaps the most controversial socialite in Kenya. She is never shy to show off her body.

  • Pendo

Stacy Briana Brown, popularly known as Pendo, is another well-known scoialite. She is famed for her role in reality TV show, Nairobi Diaries that follows the lives of Kenyan socialites.

Pendo is never far away from trouble.

  • Judy Anyango

Not much can be said about Judy with many blogs saying that she is yet to create a niche in the already thriving ‘socialites club.’ You may call her a socialite but whether she’s received ‘approval’ from Team Mafisi remains to be seen.


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