Kenyan police prohibit use of high-powered LED lights on cars

The police commission has also warned motorists against illegal modifications on their cars


This follows a complaint by a Twitter user who claimed to have suffered from migraine after being exposed to a blaring LED braking system while in traffic.

The National Police Service described those who use them as insensitive as it causes untold suffering to other road users.

“We have also noted that brake lights modification by private motorists and PSV owners as reported by @ArcherMishale is also on the rise and has been reported to cause untold suffering to other motorists,this is unlawful and insensitive too.”

The commission has also warned motorists against illegal modifications that include mounting of bull bars on unauthorized vehicles,loud music & modified exhaust systems.

Two lights

Traffic Act Cap 403 stipulates that vehicles should have two lights at the front while motor vehicles while motorbikes should have one light.

The headlights should be either white or yellow and capable of illuminating 100-150 metres ahead.

The Traffic Act requires the elimination of the dazzling effect produced by the lights to eliminate impeding of vision or causing of annoyance to other road users.


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