President Ramaphosa's dowry price of 100 cows rejected by Ugandan in-laws — here's why

Ramaphosa's son Andile and his long time girlfriend Rwakairu are set to tie the knot later this year

While meeting Ramaphosa's relatives who had accompanied their son Andile to deliver a marriage proposal to Jacqueline Mbabazi’s niece, Mr Mbabazi argued that the resources parents inject in raising children are so invaluable that they cannot be equated to animals.

“Even the so called giveaway ceremony is distorted. We are not giving away our daughter. She is still our own, so whatever you’re going to give us, we are giving it to the young family so that they can multiply it to raise their family,” Mr Mbabazi said.

He further stated that bride wealth causes instability in families while making women appear like property.

Boer goats

His remarks came after Mr Charles Mbire, who was acting as the spokesperson of Ramaphosa’s delegation said they were ready to pay the bride wealth in exchange for Ms Rwakairu.

The two families instead agreed to have five cows given to Andile Ramaphosa and his wife to be and five Boer goats to be handed to the aunties and uncles of Rwakairu as a token of appreciation for raising her up.

Rwakairu’s relatives however fined Andile one goat as a form of atonement for fathering a child with their daughter out of wedlock.

Andile and Rwakairu reportedly met in China during his varsity days and are set to tie the knot later this year. The marriage will take place once Bridget's relatives make a reciprocate visit to South Africa.


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