The last of 11 translocated rhinos dies in Kenya after succumbing to injuries

The rhino had been attacked by lions after a botched translocation exercise

The rhino is said to have died following injuries sustained in lion attack.

On Saturday, KWS indicated that it was monitoring the rhino's condition as it had lost body condition and the wound was septic after the attack.

The tragic death comes barely a few weeks after 10 rhinos died following a translocation exercise to Tsavo National Park.

An investigation concluded most of the rhinos died after drinking water with a high concentration of salt at their new home. As a result, they suffered from dehydration, upper respiratory tract bacteria and gastric ulcers.


The government had originally planned to move fourteen rhinos to the new habitat, but transportation of the final three was canceled after the initial deaths.

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala blamed the deaths on negligence and poor communication among government officials.

With about 5,000 left worldwide, the black rhino is critically endangered, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

According to data from KWS, Kenya had about 745 black rhinos by the end of last year.


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