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There are high and restrictive entry requirements for these countries.

Getting a visa to these countries is extremely hard. play

Getting a visa to these countries is extremely hard.

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Every country across the world works all round to attract tourists and develop its tourism industry as a source of foreign exchange earnings.

However, some African countries seem not to want any of these goodies that come with visitors.

Here are five countries that have closed-door visa policy to visitors from some developed countries and other nations around the world.

1.     Algeria    

Algeria is one country that requires visitors to show their capability to take care of their financial needs before granting them entrance into the country.

Algeria requires any visitor to book his/her hotel first, and get a certification of accommodation. After which, you get an invitation from your host individual or institution before applying for a visa at Algerian embassy in your country.

2.    Somalia

Even though Somalia is currently crisis-ridden, yet you need a sponsor and an invitation to visit the country. Except these, getting into the country is near impossible.

3.    Angola

Angola is another country with stiff entry requirements. For the Southern African country, you will need to first secure hotel stay, book plane tickets and ready to pay for both invitation and application fees before attempting to get a visa.

All these usually scare away visitors from coming to the country, even with its high number of tourist attractions.

4.    Central African Republic (CAR)

Central African Republic (CAR) is one nation with a high restrictions on entrance into its country. Even for Americans, they will be required to get a CAR visa through the French embassy.

The borders of the CAR are extremely restricted (and closed on the side where Chad-CAR border).

5.    Libya

Lybia is one of the main illegal entry points to Italy and Spain, thus there is a high restriction to getting into the North African nation.

Most of the time, visas are refused to many intending visitors to the country basically due to the current crisis and high crime rates.

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