Inside the USD 455,000 Ferrari Dino 206 GT vintage, ex Chase Bank chairman fleeced the bank to buy for his wife

There are only 150 Ferrari dino 206 GT models ever built none in right hand drive (RHD) and hence it is one of the rarest most sought after  Ferrari models.

Former Chase bank chairman, Zafrullah Khan described as the main architect of the scheme, went on a spending spree and blew $220 million of poor Kenyans hard earned money buying prized toys and prime properties across the world.

Among prized toys he bought for his wife, Shehla Khan includes a vintage Ferrari Dino for USD 455,000 (Sh45,500,000) and a limited edition Chevrolet Corvette for $127,551 (Sh12,755,133) using Chase Bank funds without passing through a personal account.

So what is unique about Ferrari Dino that made Khan sink millions to impress his wife?

Dino 206 P Berlinetta Speciale was first built in 1965 as a prototype and in 1968 Ferrari rolled out, Dino 206 GT, as the first Ferrari-built road car having been designed by Leonardo Fioravanti at Pininfarina.

Alloy-bodied 206 GT is currently at the top of the market, starting at £350,000 for a project to more than £650,000.

There are three types of Ferrari dino models, the 2.0-litre 206 Dino model (1968), the 2.4 L V6 engine, Dino 246 GT which was produced from 1969–1974.

The 308 GT4 model was produced from 1973 to April 1980 and was Ferrari's first V-8 production automobile.

The Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 wore the Dino badge until May 1976, when it finally got the Ferrari "Prancing Horse" badge on the hood, wheels, and the steering wheel.

Their is another thing about Dino that every car addict want to lay their hands on, Dino was built when many of today’s wealthy middle-aged were young and broke and they grew up lusting over the italian beauty and therefore they want to have it by hook and croak if necessary, the fact that only about 2500 cars survive is more reason to have it.

Model history

October 1965: Prototype Dino shown at Paris Salon.

1968: First production Dino built as 206GT, with 2-litre V6 engine derived from racing unit named after Alfredo ‘Dino’ Ferrari, Enzo’s son, who had died of muscular dystrophy in 1956.

March 1969: First Dino 246GT built, with enlarged 2.4-litre V6. It supersedes 206GT, which ends production in April after 150 examples made, none in RHD.

October 1970: First RHD UK-spec 246GT built, chassis no. 01134.

March 1972: Targa-topped GTS version debuts at Geneva Show.

1974: GT and GTS phased out of production, February to July. About 4100 cars were made in total, of which 488 of the GT and 235 of the GTS were RHD.

Performance and specs

Engine 2419cc, 12-valve V6

Power 192bhp @ 7600 rpm

Torque 166lb ft @ 5500rpm

Top speed 146mph

0-60mph 7.1 seconds

Fuel consumption 15.4mpg

Insurance group 20

Gearbox Five-speed manual

Dimensions and weight

Wheelbase 2340mm

Length 4235mm

Width 1703mm

Height 1143mm

Weight 1080kg


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