Kenyan men reveal the worst experiences they've had paying unexpected bills for women

Who should foot the bill when going out for drinks?

Under the hashtag MasculinityKE, the men opened up on how women have 'bullied' them into footing bills when they had not planned on doing so.

And it all began when Twitter user shared a past experience where he and a couple of women tried to shame him into paying for their drinks.

"A friend's friend (a babe) invites me for a drink a few weeks back and later tells me she'll be bringing friends," Mariga narrated.

The women, Mariga said, ordered for their drinks separately without informing him. It was not until the waiter muttered to him asking if he was to pay for the pricey drinks.

"I laughed and told them to get the drinks themselves since I was only drinking should see how annoyed they were," he said.

"I danced, finished my two beers and went home before anything else happened."

Mariga told the BBC World Service that women with such habits tend to take advantage of men's ego and their socialisation around masculinity and finances.

His story set the stage for the debate on who ought to foot the bill when going out for drinks.

A number of men have had no option but to pay for the drinks as narrated below:

However, not all of them have been coerced into paying the bill:


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